The Blizzak LM-80 is Bridgestone’s Light Truck/SUV Performance Winter / Snow tire developed for crossover and SUV drivers that want to retain their vehicle’s sporty appearance, even through winter. Available in low profile tire sizes appropriate for large diameter wheels, Blizzak LM-80 tires are designed to provide wintertime traction on cold, dry, wet and snow-covered roads.

Blizzak LM-80 tires feature an advanced winter tread compound that remains pliable in cold temperatures to enhance traction in snow and on ice. This compound is molded into a directional tread design featuring firm shoulder blocks flanking independent intermediate blocks and a continuous central rib to aid steering response and straight-line stability. High volume grooves remove water and slush from the contact patch, as well as enhance grip on loose snow. Blizzak LM-80 tires feature the Lamellen “edge effect” where multidirectional sipes in the tread blocks provide biting edges to help grip snow and enhance winter traction.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to blend high-speed durability with uniform ride quality.

Blizzak LM-80 winter / snow tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
None2,149 lbs50 psi11/32"34 lbs7-9"8"10.4"8.5"29" 


  1. First real snowfall of our Minnesota winter and these tires performed superbly. When other vehicles were sliding and spinning at intersections we just pulled away with no drama. Stopping and cornering are also no frills events with deep and/or hard-packed snow on the roads. Even with the horsepower and torque of the X5M, the Blizzacks do what we expect of them. This is a great winter tire.

  2. These Blizzaks are the third set I have owned for my SUV¿s. I like driving on the spirited side since I like buying sporty vehicles. My first set was for my 2010 Acura MDX. The traction on ice and snow was amazing. I ran these for 4 years without an issue. Lots of tread left when I sold them. Currently I am impressed with the performance of these tires on my SQ5. I also put the blizzaks on my wife¿s 2018 SQ3. I had the Michelin xi3 on her Audi A4. Equally impressive but in my opinion the blizzaks slightly out perform the Michelin tires. We are a blizzak family. Both by son¿s have blizzaks on their civic and Jetta. Having said this we got 5 winters from the tires on the civic and only 3 winters on the Jetta. This is attributed to their driving styles. In any event with all the miles we put on these tires I am convinced that blizzak winter tires are hard to beat. I did consider the continental product but since I have had great success with the blizzak winters I decided to stay with what I know works best for me. I am very picky when it comes to my tires. In between SUV¿s I purchased a 2013 BMW 335ix and again put blizzaks on it. They were unbelievable! The bimmer was like a plow in the winter. No issues with traction what so ever! I actually sold them last week and the buyer paid top dollar for the tires and rims. In south western Ontario and in the snow belt I have never encountered any issues with these tires with our bad winters. Thank you Bridgestone Blizzak! I am a believer!


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