Blizzak W965 with UNI-T studless light truck winter tires were developed to combine good snow and ice traction with commercial light truck load carrying capacity. Available in Load Range E (10 Ply Rated) sizes, Blizzak W965 tires are for the drivers of most medium-duty, heavy-duty and commercial light trucks that require winter driving traction on dry, wet and snow covered roads.

The Blizzak W965 winter tire’s overall combination of capabilities is made possible by Bridgestone’s UNI-T technology that brings advanced tire technologies together, taking performance to a new level. Innovative tire design, construction and tread compound help maximize the tire’s performance, ride quality and wear while providing traction in winter.

On the outside, Blizzak W965 studless winter tires feature a special Tube Multicell tread compound that combines microscopic pores and circumferential micro channels to help disperse the thin film of water that is generated when driving in snow and over ice. The Blizzak W965 features a deep, independent block tread design that employs zigzag sipes to provide multiple biting edges in the tread blocks to further enhance winter traction without resorting to traditional metal studs. On the inside, the tread area is supported by two steel belts reinforced by spiral-wrapped nylon to provide a higher level of tire uniformity while maintaining its shape at highway speeds. A polyester cord reinforced casing provides strength and durability while enhancing ride quality.

Blizzak W965 winter tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

NOTE: The top 55% of the Blizzak W965’s useable tread depth consists of the exclusive Tube Multicell tread compound. The remaining 45% consists of a standard winter tread compound. Snow platform indicators (the equivalent of “snow wear bars”) are molded into the tread grooves to inform the driver as the tire’s tread wear reaches 50% of the tread depth.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
None2,680 lbs80 psi17/32"42 lbs6-7"6"8.7"6.8"29.4"709
None3,042 lbs80 psi18/32"49 lbs6-7.5"6.5"9.3"7.2"31.8"655
None3,042 lbs80 psi18/32"49 lbs6-7"6.5"9.3"7.2"31.8"655
None3,415 lbs80 psi18/32"53 lbs7-8"7.5"10.5"7.6"31.9"653
None3,000 lbs80 psi17/32"46 lbs6.5-8"7"9.8"7.6"30.8"696
None3,195 lbs80 psi18/32"51 lbs7-8.5"8"10.7"8.1"31.9"653


  1. I’m an owner operator for a courier express company and drive 500 Km/day in city and mostly rural highway roads in Canada’s snow belt where this winter I have all weather conditions, some very extreme. The good. These tires are by far the best wet road tire I have ever driven, they simply love and stick to wet roads, especially those greasy winter wet roads when there is a mix of sand/water/salt etc. On dry roads, I don’t notice any real penalty compared to my all season tires. Road noise is slightly higher than a normal all season tire.The bad. Considering I bought these tires for ice I was extremely disappointed in their ice handling. These tires are absolutely useless on ice or hard packed snow that has turned to ice. The tires even struggled on icy driveways at super slow speeds, my van simply slid off the side of the driveway/road until they found traction on the snow/dirt or ditch! I was caught in a freezing rain storm on a rural highway and could not find any traction and simply slid sideways off the road at 0 Km/hr…yes, I came to a complete stop on the road and then the van slid on the slight road slope right off the road. I have experience the same issue on windy days and slopped parking lots where the van just starts sliding after I park it! Driving on ice is just impossible with these tires.Considering these tires are so fantastic in snow and wet roads, I am just so disappointed that they cannot handle ice with any grip at all. I’d wager my all seasons would grip better on ice than these tires.The tires collect a lot of pebbles as well that get stuck in the tread.So, if you need an ice tire..this is not the tire to buy.However, for every other weather/road condition other than ice these tires are fantastic! I had the tires rotated once and have put 16,000 Km on them since mid-November 2016 to end of January 2017 and they still have lots of tread.

  2. These tires are great and I leave them on all year. I keep last years half wore out tires for use in the summer.

  3. I have had umteen sets of Blizzaks and will keep on going to them. You can not be better equipment on snow, snow packed, or icy roads, than with these ice and snow tires.

  4. I have been using this type of tire for winter use here in MN on my trucks and family cars for many years. These tires continue to meet my needs and would probably purchase again. The trade off of good winter condition traction is treadwear. Good tires.

  5. Spectacular tire. Different weight loads require changing the tire air pressures to prevent hazardous vehicle responses.

  6. I have worked for a Ski company for 19 years and travel to mountains all winter. I also pull a 16 ft. Trailer loaded with equipment. This is and will be the only tire I will buy as long I drive in snow. I have avoided many deer in the middle of the night on snowy roads in the mountains. I switch them out and put a regular summer tread on when the snow stops falling. I have even use these tires to drive my vehicle and trailer right up onto the slopes at ski resorts and have never gotten stuck. Take it from someone who drives in the snow a lot, this is a fabulous tire!! You do pay for what you get.

  7. Used these on a sprinter and then E350 box van, probably 600,000 winter miles total in the last thirteen years. Best highway tire available in my opinion. These tires have probably saved my life on multiple occaisions. Been blown sideways almost off the road in blizzards, these tires let me recover in time. Great in light snow and ice, really good in heavy deep snow. Really low road noise. I get great mileage out of tires in general due to conservitive driving habits, these are no exception. Useable for me almost to 90,000 miles. Not a typo. The only winter tire I will buy for my van.


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