The CrossContact LX Sport is Continental’s Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed to help crossover utility vehicles perform on the highway. The CrossContact LX Sport was designed to combine ride and noise comfort with year-round traction, even in light snow.

The CrossContact LX Sport features an asymmetric tread design to blend traction and handling. Its notched outboard shoulder is supported by a circumferential rib to enhance ride comfort, steering response and stability on the road. Siped central tread blocks along with independent inboard shoulder blocks enhance all-season traction and braking in light snow and stormy weather.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts to provide strength on top of a polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride. The CrossContact LX Sport comes with a flanged lower sidewall to help reduce the possibility of curb damage to expensive wheels.

NOTE: While Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tires offer all-season versatility including traction in light snow, tire sizes featuring extremely wide tread widths may limit the traction this type of tire can provide in deep snow.

Limited sizes of the CrossContact LX Sport are available with Continental’s ContiSilent Technology, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle. These sizes are identified on the Specs page and in the search results.


  1. I don’t have many miles on these tires yet but I love them so far. I got about 42k out of my Pirelli Scorpion AS+ until they were down to the wear bars. Those were great but they had gotten awfully noisy. These Continentals are so quiet and comfortable by comparison. I’m not sure if the Pirellis were ever this nice riding. I think the Pirellis probably handled a bit better, but in an ML350 handling isn’t a big priority. If I can eek 40k out of these Continentals I would buy them again. Reviews are mixed, so fingers crossed I can make them last that long.

  2. This is the second time I got burned by Continental tires, these were OE on a Jeep Renegade, barely made 20000 miles. Tread wear is so bad these tires should not be manufactured, a waste of resources. Shame on Jeep for using them, I will never buy a vehicle equipped with Continentals again. Any tire is better, previously I had replaced OE Continentals (on a Pontiac) at around 18000 miles with Yokohamas, which lasted over 60000 miles. I thought the Pontiac OE tires were a fluke, not so, Continental tires appear to be NG, At least I did not have the blowouts others have experienced, stay away from this brand

  3. OEM tire for our Honda Pilot Touring. Worst wearing tires I’ve ever had. Replaced all of them in under 25,000 miles. Won’t buy them again. Only positive is they were quiet tires.

  4. OEM tires. I have less than 20k miles on them and the front tires are nearly bald. They were never great at anything. They would chirp on dry asphalt with barely any throttle being applied from a stop. They don’t grip well around corners either. They hydroplane fairly easily. They’re very poorly performing tires overall and I would never buy them again or recommend that anyone buy them.

  5. I bought my 2016 MDX in March of 2019 CPO from an Acura dealership with the original Continentals with 14900 miles. They looked to have a descent amount of meat left, though I didn’t measure.. After 4-1/2 months and 18392 miles, I need tires, so the tread wear is terrible. The first rainy day with them, traction was a bit tenuous.

  6. OEM tires on my GLE. Capable performer in all conditions and relatively quiet BUT their sidewall integrity is terrible. I’ve replaced two of these tires beginning at 15,000 miles due to sidewall failures (bulges along the sidewalls from the top of the tread to the base of the rim). The third failed after 3,000 miles when a one inch diameter piece separated from the sidewall. No assistance from the dealer on either of these occurrences — OEM tires are not covered under Continental’s or MB’s road hazzard warranties. Very frustrating, especially when spending $350+ for each replacement.The third failure was the final straw. Off they came and were replaced by the Michelin AS 3+ Sport. I will not purchase or recommend Contis in the future.

  7. Made the mistake of replacing my original set of Continentals with the same tires second time around. I drive about 20K miles a year. The wear on these tires is pretty bad while driving normally in half town/highway environment and not being a lead foot. The original set of tires lasted 25K miles and probably around 25K miles for these second sets of tires. Also the noise damping foam is too inconvenient of a price to pay since some shops will not repair or refuse to repair it when it gets a flat due to laziness or not knowledgeable enough to fix it. As for winter driving, it’s fine for light snow but you can feel the car losing control a little bit with 4+ inches of snow.


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