Continental HSR (Heavy-Duty Steer-Axle Regional) Commercial Highway Rib Summer tires were developed primarily for single application use on the steering axles of medium-duty vehicles. The Continental HSR can also accommodate on/off highway service (depending on conditions).

The Continental HSR features a deep cut and chip resistant tread compound molded into a tread design featuring robust, continuous shoulder ribs to resist wear in high scrub applications and independent intermediate blocks for extra traction. Pyramidal stone ejectors in all tread grooves reduce stone retention for long casing life.

Highway – limited to 75 mph at indicated loads unless otherwise stated


  1. Great All Season Tire= does great in snow and Mud In this 19.5 Wheel Size it is very difficult to find a Tire with off road Bite!!And also give me 65,000 miles. Most ON/Off road Tires are Bald at 45,000 miles

  2. my truck uses this size tire and unless I change rims I have to purchase it. I for one do not know if it’s the truck or the tire but I have the same problem on the road with near loss of control when it comes to small drop offs in the road and the highway.

  3. When new, tire felt like you were dirving on ice, even though surface was dry. Vehicle would dart left or right when passing over uneven surface such as seams in roadway, almost took us into a concrete wall when pulling our RV. It still does it, but know its comming and watch the surface closely. Tires sing at highway speeds.

  4. These tires were on the New 2011 Winnebago 24′ Vista we recently purchased. They make driving the RV a true nightmare and we have had to stop driving it due to instability of steering ability from 45mph and higher…The Vista wanders from side to side and is close to down right dangerous to keep centered in traffic let alone the lane.I’d advise anyone using thise tires in a similiar situation to stop and seek help!

  5. These came new on a Ram 4500 which tows a 40′ gooseneck trailer 100% of the time, loaded. The only trouble I had was in deep snow, likely not the tires fault. They have worn well, I inflate to the maximum sidewall pressure. Looking for another set

  6. these are oem on a 2008 f450 all on road driving, probably 10k pulling a 40ft camper highway miles, the tread wear is terrible, 22k total, and need replaces in 10 or 20k miles and they make a lot of noise, worse than bfg mud terrains

  7. These tires track into grooves in the pavement and continually pull you into the ruts. Sometimes I have to fight the tires to get it back on track.


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