The ProContact with EcoPlus Technology is Continental’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for coupes, sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles. The ProContact with EcoPlus Technology is designed to enhance driving pleasure, save fuel and maintain wet braking grip while providing long wear and all-season traction, even in light snow.

The ProContact with EcoPlus Technology tire’s all-season tread compound features Continental’s Tg-F Polymers and +Silane additives to improve treadwear, fuel efficiency and traction on slippery roads. The compound is molded into a symmetric design that provides continuous tread contact with the road to enhance steering response and handling while its wide circumferential grooves promote hydroplaning resistance and wet traction. Continental’s PROactive Edge Technology brings more active edges into the contact patch to promote foul-weather traction while allowing the pattern elements to transfer smoothly from edge to edge to minimize on-road noise. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts that stabilize the tread area to promote strength and treadwear.

*Specific sizes featuring Economy Plus technology are identified as such on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.


  1. This is the single worste tire I have ever driven on. To be clear, I’ve driven on tires that weren’t even whole, patched together with rubber patches and tire glue then we even put a tube inside the radial tire because it was still leaking air, those “ghetto” tires worked better than these Continentals. I honestly can’t believe these tires got approved for sale in the USA and can only imagine every single reviewer rating them so highly is being paid to do so. THIS IS THE SINGLE WORST TIRE I HAVE EVER USED!I drive a Prius, it’s not a sports car, you really CAN’T drive it hard. Even so, the increase in body sway on turns, the increase in response time when making ANY TURN, the handling of these tires is ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE! I vehemently believe they should be banned in the US as they ARE NOT SAFE!DO NOT BUY THIS TIRE! I’ll never buy anything from Continental again for as long as I live, FFS Goodyear Integrity’s corner better than these and those are $50 tires!

  2. Purchased 4 tires with mount, balance, and alignment and rotated tire with every oil change (8k synthetic). I stretched the wear to 35k before needing replacement. The wear indicators came in at 30k. With a 90k warranty, I was expecting 80k before replacement. I got them prorated and will never purchase continental tires again. Maybe changing out tires every 40k is the norm, but I remember elders speak of various tire brands that lasted them well over 100k before replacement.

  3. These tires are so much better than the Vogues I had on the car since I bought it in 2004. Although I didn’t know it until I replaced them, the Vogues made the steering a little over responsive and could be unsettling in driving situations requiring a quick reponsive such as quick lane changes to avoid something in the road. Besides, Cadillac always seem to have touchy steering. These Continentals made a big difference, both in ride handling and in noise. The Vogues always seemed to pulse down the road. The Continentals handled well in wet weather, braking confidently even with a loaded car at highway speeds, and the car handles and steers much better. After getting these tires I made two round trips in hot weather, one to Alabama and one to Florida. The tires performed better than my expectations based on reviews I had read. I suspect that some tires just don’t work as well on some cars. Reading the reviews, it seems like most of the bad reviews came from owners of smaller or lighter vehicles. My Caddy is a heavy car, and these tire performed great on it. So far they’ve been wonderful tires and, when the time comes, I intend on replacing them with the same thing.

  4. 1 STAR – for anything other than Dry!Being a Jeep family we purchased a Cherokee Sport for my Daughters College graduation. We got the Blackout edition with the larger 18″ rims that came with Contenental Ecoplus. And wow… surprisingly from Contenental the worse tires ive even seen. Went to pull it out of a parking spot after a snow and I was thinking I was doing something wrong. I mean the thing didn’t even rock. Felt like I had it in neutral. I thought what a mistake to let her buy a Jeep without 4×4 but, my wife’s Compass and my Grand have 4 wheel drive but we forget to turn it on because it’s not needed. This is FWD so not apples to apples….butNow in spring she hydroplaned in light rain and almost cracked it up. I thought I’d get a summer out of these but it’s not worth it. Ecoplus?? WTF is that? I don’t need to care of the environment before my Daughters life! Actually my Compass always felt squirrelly and thought it was because it was a light Jeep, but after replacing with Perelli P4s it was a different vehicle. That’s what’s gone on this baby. Perellis dont last over 35k-45k but while they do they are the best. You won’t be sorry for the safety and command of the road with the P4s. Do you think the car Dealers put this crap on purposely? Hoping they Fail and end up buying another vehicle from them? I don’t know of many people who were happy with factory treads??? Either way these are an accident waiting to happen. Do not Buy

  5. Will go ahead and post my initial impressions:These Contis immediately improved the overall ride over my previous tires (Uniroyal Tiger Paws). I’ve only had them on a few months but have been able to go through the paces through Idaho winter. Really really impressed with snow and hard packed ice road traction. Very confident in wet or dry handling. Fairly quiet and smoothes out the RAV as best they can 😉 I’m thinking this is an excellent choice for a small SUV doing mostly paved road driving. Will update again when I get some decent mileage.

  6. Less than 7000 miles on the tires. While parallel parking I hit the curb (very slow speed obviously!) And a huge chunk ripped off the side of the tire exposing the threads. These tires are awful. That should NOT happen.

  7. This is OEM tires for my 2013 Accord. Mostly highway, and I don’t like aggressive acceleration and braking, there is still more than 8 mm of tread. However, when I did myself tire rotation last month, I found all the grooves showing dry up. I think it was danger to drive with tire in that condition, so I changed all of them to Michelin.


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