The PureContact LS is Continental’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for drivers of family sedans, coupes, minivans and small crossovers looking for responsive handling and sporty steering feel, along with quiet comfort and year-round traction. PureContact LS tires are designed to combine the refined ride of a premium touring tire with an engaging driving experience and confident grip in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including light snow.

Temperature-activated functional polymers in the all-season tread compound of the PureContact LS increase compound bonding and help improve tire wear and fuel efficiency. The asymmetric pattern features stable tread blocks in the shoulders for lateral grip and high-speed handling, and the wide, central rib provides solid on-center feel and confident straight-line tracking. Comfort Ride Technology incorporates an underlay beneath the tread that is designed to isolate the tread from the casing and reduce the amount of perceptible vibration in the cabin. Continental’s +Silane additives enhance traction in slippery conditions, and the sweeping grooves combine with deep, circumferential channels to help resist hydroplaning. Siped shoulders and intermediate tread blocks create the biting edges needed for grip in snowy or icy conditions, and traction grooves trap snow in the tread to provide snow-to-snow traction.

The internal construction of the PureContact LS features a single ply, polyester casing. The mid- to high-apex balances responsive handling and performance with ride comfort, while dual steel belts are reinforced by two polyamide overlays to enhance durability and high-speed uniformity.


  1. About to buy my second set of these tires. Sporty tire that has never once had me second-guessing the purchase. Has served well in all the conditions that Western Pennsylvania has to offer.

  2. About 2500 miles in. These replaced a set of Goodyear Assurance FuelMax tires that came OEM on the Accord. Wet performance is night and day difference with the old FuelMax. Cornering and steering feel is much improved. Tire noise-wise, they are much quieter on smooth pavement, but about the same on rough pavement. Fuel efficiency seems about the same so far. So far, so good. Primary use of these tires was for rain being in the PNW. Will update after a full winter’s worth of rain.

  3. My wife and I both drive this car. She travels to work 100 miles round trip two days a week. The tires are awesome ! Great wet traction. Quiet and responsive on dry pavement. All around traction is very good along with braking confidence. Really haven’t driven in snow as we didn’t get much last year here in south east NJ. And when it does snow my wife will work from home and I use my Durango. The car had Michelin tires on it when we bought it used last year. They were not good in the rain as the car would slide easily and accelerating would spin the tires. These tires don’t do that. Very grippy . I would buy these again.


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