The Fun Country is Dick Cepek’s On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tire developed for enthusiastic pickup truck and sport utility vehicle drivers looking for tough radials prepared for on- and off-road adventure! Targeted to fit between traditional all-terrain and mud-terrain tire designs, the Fun Country offers a wide selection of traditional and specialty light truck sizes designed to deliver any-terrain traction, even in snow.

Fun Country radials feature an 18.5/32″-deep symmetric tread design that has large surface area tread elements to provide positive grip and even wear for on- and off-road performance. Offset circumferential and wide lateral grooves promote off-road traction while Stone Kickers in the base of the outboard lateral grooves resist stone drilling. Notched shoulder lugs combined with an enhanced buttress design and Dick Cepek’s trademark “DC” Sidebiters in the upper sidewall provide a rugged appearance, added protection and more traction in loose surfaces. Ultra thin full treadlife sipes with rounded corners reduce stress concentrations for resistance to cracking and promote all-season traction for the life of the tread.

The internal structure of Fun Country radials features a heavy-duty casing that layers twin steel belts on top of polyester body plies.


  1. Decided to try these out and wow, what a mistake. Although they were on the cheaper end of the spectrum, I still expected them to last longer than they did. I managed to squeeze 105000km out of my O.E tires which were Bridgestone dueler AT revo 2’s but only got just a bit over 40000km from these and they’re pretty much pooched. I’ll be glad when they’re off my truck. I thought they’d be nice and quiet because they’re not that aggressive looking but I was dead wrong. I thought my hubs were shot but no, it was the tires all along.

  2. I bought these tires Sept 2015. I have a little more than 20,000 on them and I always keep my tires at proper inflation levels which for my f250 is 70r 55f. I’ve had Cepek Fun Countries and had over 90,000 on them and they still have 2-3 32’s tread left. I replaced them because I had a blowout. But they were grest tires. I figured Trail Country’s would be better for highway….nope! These are the worst tires I’ve ever owned. I got stuck on flat ground in we grass for cring out loud. No traction. I have steel cord showing in 5 different spots on one of the rear tires and 2 on the other rear. Yes I kept then aired properly and rotated. I don’t drive like a bat out of ——–..but these tires —-!

  3. These have been the worst tire I have ever purchased they have no traction in the rain or snow, I have a Jetta that gets better traction then these do on my 4×4 do not buy these unless you would like to spin out.

  4. Have had these on my 2002 Trailblazer for 2 years. Very aggressive tread is good in snow over 4 or 5 inches. Poor on ice or wet pavement. Would highly recommend for off-road use, winter or summer, but not a good everyday around town tire. Tread wear has been good with mostly paved roads at 10,000 miles.

  5. Big mistake buying this tire. This tire was made for trucks not a Suv like a Explorer. Noisy, terrible ride. They were good in rain and snow.Terrible on ice.


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