The Trail Country EXP is Dick Cepek’s On-/Off- Road All-Terrain tire developed for the drivers of pickup trucks, SUVs and Jeeps who want to explore the road to adventure and need a tire with the off-road capability and durability to make their way back. Designed as a hybrid between an all-terrain tire and a mud-terrain tire, the Trail Country EXP is engineered for confident traction in a variety of off-road situations in addition to sure-footed performance in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including light snow.

Dick Cepek Trail Country EXPA cut- and chip-resistant, silica-reinforced compound is molded into the Trail Country EXP’s aggressive, symmetric pattern. Broad tread elements provide rubber-to-road contact for stable handling and confident grip. The high-silica tread compound enhances wet traction, and the wide grooves and lateral notches help evacuate water from the footprint to resist hydroplaning. Ultra-thin, interlocking sipes create biting edges to enhance traction in snow and on ice, in addition to allowing the tread lugs to conform to irregular surfaces. Stone ejector ribs in the grooves reduce stone retention and help resist drilling, while the notched and stepped outboard shoulder lugs provide side bite in deep, loose terrain.

The two-ply casing uses high-tensile body cord to enhance sidewall strength while improving ride quality, and two high-strength, steel belts support the tread area and aid durability through puncture resistance.


  1. Have had these on my truck for 10k now. Great tire, a little noisy at highway speed, but that’s expected out of a 35 in mud tire. Great tread wear and great traction in sand and dirt.

  2. Only driven in dry Arizona so far both on road and off. They have been excellent with good handling, moderate noise for an aggressive tire, and superior traction in dirt, sand and rocks. My Jeep has a soft top/no top so tread noise is not a problem and a stiff sidewall (load range E) is welcome for handling concerns – this an off-road tire after all. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good off-road tire that is very livable driving on the highway.

  3. I can not say enough about the performance in all conditions. Tires are noisy at speeds between 30 and 45 mph but quite up at high speeds. If you want a tread pattern that is a little different then everyone in the crowd with high performance this tire is a great way to go.

  4. I put these tires on my jeep because they were on sale and I figured I would try them out. I have taken my jeep to our local dunes with these tires 4 times and they perform amazingly! I have 100% confidence in my tires when I go into a water hole or up a big sand hill. They have performed extremely well at some local off roading trails and mud holes. I don’t drive too much on the highway with my jeep but the little I have the tires did just fine going highway speeds. They don’t do the greatest on wet black top and you will definitely want to stay away from large puddles at high speeds but besides heavy rain conditions these tires are amazing! I would definitely recommend these to a friend. Amazing Tire!

  5. Tires were very good in all aspects of driving. I snow plowed with these tires and they worked perfectly. The only problem I have with them is that they are almost bald after 20 k miles. I rotated the tires every 5k miles. I’m very disappointed with that fact since they weren’t cheap. I would suggest a different option than these tires

  6. Tires were great. They looked tough as ——– on my truck.They lasted a long time even with my lack of rotation. They get real loud if you dont rotate them though but when you do they quiet right up. Handled well in the snow. Rear end tended to break loose in the rain when starting from a dead stop but that could mostly be from being a light truck. I could not have been any happier with these tires.


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