The Champion Fuel Fighter (T-Speed Rated) is Firestone’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, family minivans and crossover vehicles looking for year-round capability and long treadwear combined with fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride.

The Champion Fuel Fighter molds a silica-enhanced, Long-Link Carbon all-season tread compound into a symmetric design focused on even wear and easy rotation to provide miles of quiet service. Four circumferential grooves help guide water through the tire’s footprint for improved wet grip while full-depth tread features provide the biting edges to enhance traction in light snow.

Firestone’s Fuel Fighter Technology is employed in the Champion Fuel Fighter to optimize the components and construction of the tire in an effort to improve fuel economy. Fuel Fighter Sidewall Technology uses an optimized compound design for added efficiency and the Fuel Fighter Steel Cord is a proprietary steel cord configuration that provides strength while adding less weight, further increasing the expected fuel savings.

The tire’s internal structure includes a one- or two- ply (depending on size) polyester body casing beneath two wide steel belts with a spirally-wrapped nylon reinforcement to deliver durability, ride quality and stability. The reinforcement utilizes Firestone’s Fuel Fighter Nylon Application, an optimized application process focused on improving fuel economy.


  1. I didn’t notice a change in the fuel economy. Tires have decent grip, but didn’t make it 25,000 miles.

  2. 2016 Kia Sorento came with Dynapro’s that had a good ride and were quiet enough but left something to be desired in rain, especially after they started to wear. Got these Champion Fuel Fighters and I love them! Very quiet, very smooth, very good in rain, great looking tire. Tire Rack review helped me decide to buy them and I’m glad I did. The only thing on their review I would disagree with is the opinion on artificially heavy on center feel and lack of steering feel. In the Sorento it’s electric power steering and it feels artificial, normally and a bit vague. They tested on a BMW – totally different animal than a CUV. I would highly recommend even with the “fair” rating for snow. The Dynapro HP2’s were pretty poor in the snow, even with AWD. I can’t imagine these being any worse but we’ll see when the first snow hits.

  3. Bought this tire as a replacement to the Michelin that were OEM. The Michelin were worn out at 33k with crappy traction and lots of noise. The Firestones handled better, provided a quieter ride, and improved gas mileage. I think they were a great value for the money. I was going to buy Continentals or Cooper CS5, but the price comparison out the door was significant.

  4. Traction on wet roads and highways in fantastic, abrupt manuevuring responsiveness is on point. Dry conditions is excellent. Snow and ice have not yet tested. Very quiet and smooth handling tires, will recommend and buy again. I have Firestone destinations le2 on my truck and they are superb . Firestone does not disappoint


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