The Firehawk AS is Firestone’s High Performance All-Season tire developed for drivers of performance sedans, sports cars and sporty coupes who desire performance handling in dry and wet conditions and want to be able to drive their vehicle all year, even in light snow.

The Firehawk AS features an asymmetric tread design comprised of a silica-enhanced, Long Link Carbon tread compound. An increased number of full-depth grooves and sipes help deliver confident performance longer into the tire’s life, while the greater quantity of channels improve water evacuation for greater hydroplaning resistance. The Firehawk AS boasts 20% more biting edges than its predecessor, enhancing grip in light snow.

The tire’s internal structure consists of a 1- or 2-ply (depending on size) polyester casing supporting twin steel belts. The wide, high-tensile belts are reinforced with a spirally-wrapped nylon casing ply to improve handling precision and high-speed capability.


  1. These tires were on a used Mazda 6 iSport Plus we purchased. They look like sport tires and honestly I feel they act like sport tires. Handling is very good in my opinion. Dry grip and confidence seems awesome. Tread wear seems to be holding up very well! I DO NOT notice the road noise that others have reported. Maybe that is because Mazda’s are not the quietest cars out there anyway………..but I love the ride, grip and handling of these tires. They look good on the car too! I did have to replace one tire due to getting a LARGE nail right next the the outer tread so it was not repairable. I liked these enough on our Mazda to purchase a set for my beater Suzuki SX4 Crossover AWD. They made that car seem like a go-cart! So fun! I would buy again at the right price point!


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