High Performance All-Season tires are for drivers who want a combination of a sporty appearance, predictable handling and H- or V-speed rated durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. High Performance All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans.

O.E. High Performance All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. These tires came on my 2016 Corolla S new and I have only had it 2 years and with only 2100 miles they are worn out, they are expensive, poor performance and terrible wear, I will replace them with a good Japanese tire like Sumitomo or Falken (made by Sumitomo) both have tread wear rated at 500 not the 260 like the Firestones

  2. These tyres came stock with my 2016 Honda Fit. The tread life performance was quite poor and as the tyres wore down, noise levels increased substantially along with multiple occasions that the car hydroplaned with little ability to steer. While the tyres are new-ish. Overall performance was okay only. Ride was always stiff and road imperfections didn’t fit well with the car’s stock suspension set up. These tyres are definitely worth about 50 bucks per tyre only.

  3. These tires came OEM on my new 2015 Toyota Corolla S. I had never driven Firestone tires before so had no idea what to expect. I experienced some hydroplaning in heavy rain and never trusted the tires in wet weather after that but had no significant issues. Dry traction was very good with nothing negative to mention. The tires were not quiet and became even louder and not as smooth as they accumulated more wear. The treadwear on this particular set of tires was phenomenal, at least based on my experience. I replaced them at 80,000 miles with tread still left. I did rotate the tires every 5,000 miles and the greatest majority of driving was open highway for a 100 mile one way commute four days a week. I replaced them with Cooper Zeon RS3-G1s. We’ll see how these do.

  4. This Tire came stock on my Toyota Corolla S. I can say with confidence that after 2 1/2 yrs of daily driving with them I’m very happy with there performance. I drive very aggressively since I seem to always be late and in all conditions except snow and ice. They do very well in the rain and are quiet and smooth on the highway. As far as wear is concerned I rotate my tires every oil change (5k miles) and always keep my tire pressure at or above recommendation, so at almost 18k miles there at about half worn.


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