The Winterforce LT is Firestone’s Light Truck/SUV Studdable Winter / Snow tire designed for the owners of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. Available in Load Range E (10-Ply Rated) sizes, Winterforce LT tires are for drivers looking for traditional wintertime traction on dry, wet and snow-covered roads.

Firestone Winterforce LT winter / snow radials feature a winter tread compound molded into an aggressive directional tread pattern with tread blocks that are siped and can be studded to offer the biting edges necessary to provide traction in snow and on ice. Independent tread blocks feature high-density siping to enhance grip in loose snow while the intermediate and shoulder tread blocks are molded to accept studs that further enhance traction on hard-packed snow and ice. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts on top of a polyester casing to combine strength with ride quality.

Winterforce LT winter / snow tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.


  1. I live in NE Washington State, its typically dry and cold in the winter with snow and ice. But we travel to the coast a lot over several mountain passes. The OEM tires on this truck are Continental Contitac (useless in any weather except dry). They are an all season tire, but that must be for So Cal or Florida.So after the first winter (bought the truck in Dec) I knew we needed a decent winter tire. The first test was driving to Eastern Canada, and hauling back a sailboat (13500# incl trailer) the tires handled incredibly. I took a route around the top of the Great Lakes from Toronto to limit wide load permits. This part of the Trans Canada Hwy is its worst for weather. Snow, fog, Ice and freezing rain, the tires never made me lose confidence.I did a lot of research about this tire, its very popular with taxis in NY City for winter. I figure if they can get around in 2wd boats they work and they do.


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