The UHP Sport A/S is the Fuzion brand’s Ultra High Performance All-Season tire developed to meet the needs of sport compact and sports car driving enthusiasts looking for tires with an aggressive appearance and all-season traction at an affordable price. The Fuzion UHP Sport A/S is designed to provide responsive handling and predictable traction in wet, dry and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

Fuzion UHP Sport A/S tires mold an ultra high performance all-season compound into a directional tread design. Linked shoulder blocks and a continuous center rib enhance dry road handling and promote even wear. Four circumferential and numerous angled intermediate grooves help evacuate water while engineered sipes increase the number of biting edges to generate traction in light snow.

The Fuzion UHP Sport A/S tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon to blend responsive handling, cornering stability and high-speed durability. Fuzion UHP Sport A/S tires feature a polyester cord casing and Rim Guard rubber ridges on their lower sidewalls to function as bumpers to help protect wheels from curb damage.


  1. I found my dream car (at least when I was in college) in pristine condition. A 2013 Audi S4 Prestige with the sports differential and everything. The car was perfect…except for these horrific tires. Great Scott, these things are absolutely terrible. Who in their right mind would ever buy such horrible tires for such an incredible machine? (The previous owner, supposedly). On one occasion, I was driving at around 65MPH and a splash of water from a truck I was overtaking hits my car…I almost met my maker. The tires got loose, the car almost went completely sideways (thanks, Quattro; the car would have totalled if not for AWD), and I got no feedback from the ABS. On the city, every time I put the transmission into Sport mode, I lose traction coming out of a red light. These things are dangerous and I wouldn’t even recommend these to my worst enemy. I’ve moved to a location that averages 10 feet of snow per season, and I can’t wait. If switching out of these ghastly tires and in to my Pilot Alpin PA4’s means I have to shovel snow, deal with bad drivers, and worry about rust, then let the winter come. STAY AWAY FROM THESE TIRES.


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