The Grabber HTS 60 is General Tire’s Highway All-Season light truck tire developed for the drivers of crossover and sport utility vehicles, as well as pickup trucks and full-size vans. Designed to combine style, comfort, durability and performance, Grabber HTS 60 tires blend pleasant road manners, a long life and year-round all-season traction, even in light snow.

General Grabber HTS 60Grabber HTS 60 tires feature a robust cut- and chip-resistant compound that improves treadlife in rugged service conditions. This compound is molded into size-specific, vehicle-application-tuned tread patterns. Beginning with a design combining a strong continuous center rib flanked by independent intermediate tread blocks, sound barrier ribs and notched shoulders, lighter-duty sizes have a higher sipe density to enhance wet road and wintertime grip while heavier-duty sizes are optimized to further enhance stability under heavy load conditions.

The tire’s internal structure begins with a cushioned absorption layer of rubber under the tread to help isolate the vehicle from road disturbances for a more comfortable ride. The Grabber HTS 60 tire’s wide, flat footprint is supported by ultra-high-strength steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon to deliver exceptional penetration resistance and even footprint pressure for excellent braking and confident stability under all approved load conditions.


  1. I just replaced my General Grabbers with another set. I got 46,000 miles out of them, and there was some treadlife left. I tow, and the tires were slipping on wet boat ramps, and I was starting to feel come hydroplaning on highways in heavy rain. Great value, great tread. Quite on the road. Very good value in an all purpose tire.Paid under $800 installed.

  2. Have always been a die hard Michelin man! My Michelin M/S tire on my Tundra were getting worn but I couldn’t afford to replace my Michelins’ at $205 a tire, so I researched other tires that were less expensive. I decided on the General Grabber HTS60 for $145 being that they were rated very close to the Michelin. As I was driving off for the first time; in the parking lot I could already feel the steering was so much smother, on the road it was like I was driving a new truck, smooth and quietet even on the freeway. I have driven on dry, wet and even pulling a boat out of the water with no problems with traction. If these tire last me I will now be a die hard General man.

  3. Tires are on a 2012 Toyota 4 runner, have 65000 miles on them and will probably be due for replacement at about 80000. Have driven in snow (4×4) deep enough to be pushing it with bumper also aired down on beach surf fishing and off road (dirt,rock and mud). Couldn’t ask for much more from these tires and a pretty good value to boot. Would recommend and buy again. Most driving is on highway and local roads and performance there has been completely satisfactory as well.


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