Eagle LS-2 tires are the second generation of Goodyear’s “Luxury Sport” Grand Touring All Season tires developed to deliver a smooth quiet ride and all-season traction, even in light snow. And while this makes them an appropriate choice for many of today’s domestic and imported luxury sedans, Goodyear Eagle LS-2 tires are also used as Original Equipment on minivans, crossovers, sport utility vehicles and specialty pickup trucks.

Eagle LS-2 tires have a symmetric, independent tread block design featuring computer-optimized block sizes to minimize tread noise for a quiet ride. Wide circumferential channels help evacuate water from beneath the contact patch to enhance wet traction while sipes provide hundreds of biting edges for traction in light snow. The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by nylon (varies depending on size and speed requirements) for strength and high-speed durability.


  1. These were the OEM tires on my Fusion, so I bought another set without much thought when the time came at around 52k miles. My current set has another couple 32nds of an inch before it’s time to replace them (they’re about 47k right now), which means I’ll probably land right at 52k on this set, as well. My hybrid Fusion requests an oil change every 10k miles or so, and I rotate the tires at each oil change (not between). If anything, the tires are consistent in their tread life. Uneven wear has not been a problem, but I also keep up on alignment. We get lots of rain, and these tires are ok, at best, when it’s wet. Snow in S Texas is rare, but we did have a couple of inches a few years ago. These tires felt no different in that than when it’s raining. I’m looking at longer wearing tires for my next round of tires instead of just buying what was on there originally.


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