Eagle LS (“Luxury Sport”) tires are Goodyear’s Grand Touring All Season tires developed to deliver a smooth quiet ride and all-season traction, even in light snow. And while this makes them an appropriate choice for many of today’s domestic and imported luxury sedans, Goodyear Eagle LS tires are also used as Original Equipment on minivans, crossovers, sport utility vehicles and specialty pickup trucks.

Eagle LS tires have a symmetric, independent tread block design featuring computer-optimized block sizes to minimize tread noise for a quiet ride. Wide circumferential channels help evacuate water from beneath the contact patch to enhance wet traction while sipes provide hundreds of biting edges for traction in light snow. The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by nylon (varies depending on size and speed requirements) for strength and high-speed durability.


  1. I got rid of the original Goodyear LS tires that first came with my Murano after 18900 miles (5 years). I tried Continental Crosscontact LX20’s with ecoplus tires which were much smoother and quieter but allowed more leaning when cornering and straight line steering wasn’t sharp and precise like the first Goodyears. I had to go back to the original Goodyears and sure enough, the sporty handling and sharp steering came back. The tire dealer also stated that aftermarket tires are always better quality than the (mass produced) originals that first came with the car and said that these LS tires should last about 50,000 miles (or 6 years maximum) even without any warranty that people pay extra for on most tires anyways. The downside is I’ll have to take it easy on snow and ice just like before so until other tire companies start making sport performance tires like these for the 2009 to 2014 Nissan Muranos, I’ll just stick with the Goodyears for now. Owner’s of the newer Muranos’ might want to try these tires if they want the sportier handling of the earlier Muranos’ and don’t mind a stiffer ride. If you drive on the highway a lot at night then smoother tires aren’t always a good idea anyways! They also aren’t too bad on wet roads either!

  2. I don’t inderstand why Audi provides these tires with its luxury cars. Worse tires ever. Avoid buying these if you are looking for ride confort and good wet road traction.

  3. I live in the Pacific North West, driving in all level of rain situation (mostly wet and cold). Trust me, we do know how to drive in the rain. These tries make me feel I am driving on the snow all the time! As least I know my traction control is working. Very poor on wet roads. On dry roads they perform much better comparing on wet roads. The bottom line is, don’t waste your money, there are so many other better selections out there. Unless the sale is so good that is almost free, otherwise choose something else.


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