Goodyear’s Eagle Sport All-Season tire line includes W-speed rated Ultra High Performance All-Season radials developed for the drivers of sports cars, coupes, sedans and performance-oriented light trucks looking to combine sporty handling with all-season traction. Eagle Sport All-Season tires are designed to offer drivers all-season versatility in dry and wet conditions with year-round traction, even in light snow.

The Eagle Sport All-Season features an innovative all-season tread compound molded into a large surface tread contact area asymmetric design to offer consistent performance across a broad range of vehicles. Linked outboard shoulder blocks backed by notched center ribs and connected inboard shoulder blocks enhance steering response, handling and wear. Circumferential grooves help evacuate water to increase traction in wet weather, while full-depth sipes preserve foul-weather traction as the tire wears.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped polyamide to combine uniform ride quality with high-speed capability. One of the Eagle Sport All-Season tire line’s highlights is its internal construction that features Goodyear’s RaceWrap Construction Technology developed for the Eagle Race tires used in NASCAR competition. RaceWrap Construction Technology brings a polyester cord casing ply down the sidewall at a slight angle, wraps around the bead and returns it all the way up the sidewall until it ends under the edge of the steel belts. This slightly angled, two-ply sidewall enhances steering response and handling stability.


  1. These tires came with my car when I purchased it; they were brand new. I’ve had my car for about 9 months and the performance of these tires in wet conditions has become abysmal. The tires had no issues initially but over the last 3 months the car has become difficult to control in wet conditions. A great example of the problem happened earlier today. I was driving up to a right turn at 30 mph, the roads were only damp and I applied gradual pressure on the break up to 30%. At 30% the front tires started to slide but I managed to get to the 20 mph I wanted for the turn. The tires did regain traction before the turn and as I started all 4 wheel broke loose. Thankfully the turn was wide and the car lost almost all it’s momentum in the skid (thankfully nothing was hit or damaged). This happened on a side road just out side my place of business. I was able to inspect the road thinking there may have been oil but aside from being damp, there was nothing that would make the road unusually slick. My tires are still over 80% thread! Even driving on the hwy when the tires have “warmed up” they will start to slip around turns on damp to wet roads. These tires are very dangerous after you’ve had them for a short time in damp to wet conditions! The last time I experienced slippery tires like this was on my 2005 Honda S2000 when my tires were worn down so bad they looked like drag slicks. The FRS is my daily driver and I much as I enjoy the occasional slide, the frequency and unpredictability of these tires damp to wet conditions is forcing me to buy a new set while they still have 80%+ thread!

  2. Thank you Tirerack on a great mount and balance. Great performance tires, but they sound like off-road truck tires.

  3. Great steering response! You can feel the road! Great traction and grip when you enter or exit the hwy (those long curves to enter or exit hwy). The car handles so much better with these tires! Just amazing feeling and experience they gave me! Love these tires!

  4. 60k on these tires, previously had continental conti pro contact which were horrible, these Goodyear def worth the money.

  5. Good year dealership was trying to sell me top of the line .(more $$). I look at tire rack read alot of their material. Decided that pushy good year sale man . Was just up selling me .so i ordered these tires based on what i read . Got a great price and rebate .i love these tires , so im happy . Did not deal with that goodyear dealership . So i had my tires installed elsewhere

  6. This is an all around great tire. I have 70,000 miles on them and could have gotten 15,000 or more out of them. I just ordered another set and will have them installed this week. Road Construction debris has caused me to buy this set sooner than I had expected…

  7. Still very early in the life of these tires, but to date I have been very pleased with the performance of the 2 tires I purchased to replace my front tires on my Lexus SC 430. I have noticed the smoothness of the ride is such I have to be more conscious of watching my speedometer more so as to not exceed the speed limit. In a few more thousand miles of travel, I plan to purchase 2 more of these same tires to replace my rear tires. I will update my review at that time.


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