The Primacy Tour A/S is Michelin’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of family sedans, coupes, crossovers and SUVs looking to maximize ride and noise comfort and maintain year-round traction. The Primacy Tour A/S is designed to deliver a premium driving experience combined with all-season capability, even in light snow.

The five-rib pattern of the Primacy Tour A/S’s asymmetric tread design is tuned to provide the refined, quiet ride expected of a luxury touring tire. Wide outboard shoulder blocks aid dry handling and lateral grip, and sweeping grooves help evacuate water for hydroplaning resistance. Zigzag sipes located in the center and inboard ribs, as well as the inside shoulder, provide traction in snow and on ice.

The internal construction of the Primacy Tour A/S consists of a two-ply, polyester cord casing that promotes ride comfort, and two steel belts stabilize the tread. A single, polyamide reinforcement aids handling and delivers high-speed capability.


  1. Replaced the OEM Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 plus tires at 16,000 miles, they were loud, rode too firmly and wearing evenly but fast. Replaced with the Primacy Tour A/S and it has totally transformed the driving dynamic of this car. There is zero tire noise on the road, bumps are absorbed nicely and completely changed my opinion of the vehicle. Handling is superb, we took maybe the slightest of hits on gas mileage but nothing significant. I always purchase Michelin tire for my vehicles and this tire doesn’t disappoint. I cannot speak to snow yet, but rain traction is fine, the car is AWD as well. Treadwear to be reported later, I had MXM4 tires on our old rogue and they went about 40,000 before needing replacement, I would be happy with that out of these.

  2. I love these tires on my Ford Flex. I have been looking for a quite, smooth ride and these tires are the best of 4 sets I have had on it. Most best selling tires seem to be performance tires, but I’m not taking my Flex to the track on weekends, or zooming around town as fast as I can. Touring tires were the answer and I splurged on these, which had been reviewed as one of, if not the, quietest tires going. The Flex is no luxury sedan; it often reminds you it is more on the truck side of things. It is, overall, a quite car inside, so road noise actually was more noticeable. Previous tires, especially those made for SUVs or trucks, made that whirling tread noise you often hear on trucks as they slow down. These tires don’t make that noise and are noticeably quieter, which was my #1 priority. And, the ride is 100% improved: very smooth. Just what I’ve been looking for.What I sacrificed, which I don’t consider a big deal, was some handling characteristics. These are soft tires and there is a bit less response to steering and I noticed they make squeaky sounds when turning hard or on smooth concrete more often than my previous tires. No big deal. Not sure how the tread life will be, but I haven’t got more than 35,000 on any brand I’ve owned so far and I’d be happy with that on these.

  3. I live in Ohio weather here is somewhat unpredictable. Blizzard one day heatweave the next. So i need a good all season tire. Ive owned other Michellin Tires tires in the past so when I need to replace the stock tires off my current vechile it was a no brainer. When I first put on the tires I noticed an immediated differance. Driving on well maintenied roads I could only here the sound of the cars engine and the wind even at highways speeds of 70+ mph the noise from the tire did not exceed the wind noise. On the rougher roads much of the noise I heard from my previous tires all but disappeared. You can feel the tire grab the road. Once Ive gotten some miles on them and through winter ill update this review.

  4. Put the tires on the car today and drove it a bit over 100 miles. I immediately noticed the improvement in the comfort, noise level and grip of the tires over the ones that were replaced (with less than15K miles on them). Their grip when braking is so much better than the previous tires (manufactured by Sumi… ). I’ve yet to drive them in the rain, but expect their peformance to be far superior to the other tires which would hydroplane often, causing me to drive extremly cautiously in those conditions. My wife even mentioned that these tires were quieter and rode better than the previous set- and she rarely notices something like that. We live in FL so no snow ratings- our last dusting of snow was six years ago…

  5. I drive about 70% city and 30% Highway. The Primacy MXM4’s wore down to wear bars in 24,000 miles on this vehicle. Replaced with Primacy Tour A/S under tread wear warranty for a very good price. The new Tour A/S appears to handle just as well as new MXM4’s and seem to be quieter, very smooth tire with that solid feel when you go over bumps or train tracks. My MPG has not changed from the worn MXM4 tires to new Tour A/s tires. Michelin claims a 17% improvement in snow and a better tread wear rating on the Tour A/S. We shall see when we head into winter how they perform in the snow and the tread depth as the tire wears.

  6. Update: These tires have nice handling for my car (18″ wheels), yet I tend to feel as though I’m driving a limo as the ride is so smooth and quiet… Perfect for a full-sized car in Florida.

  7. The best tire i ever put on the my Highlander love the ride what a difference in driving i will stay with Michelin tires


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