The P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat is Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance All-Season run-flat tire developed for sports coupes and sedans. P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat tires feature Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology that enhances safety and convenience by providing temporary extended mobility in the event a puncture allows complete loss of air pressure. Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology allows tires to literally “run flat” for up to 50 miles at 50 mph (80 km at 80 km/h) unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer for Original Equipment tires. The P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat is designed to deliver all-season traction and handling for drivers who operate their vehicles in America’s various weather conditions, including in light snow.

This line originated as the P Zero Nero M+S Pinna line identifying Pirelli’s use of a tread design that features additional sipes to enhance snow traction compared to P Zero Nero M+S tires. The sidewalls of all existing O.E. conventional and run-flat P Zero Nero M+S Pinna tires will be rebranded to add the All Season identification and will eventually be available under the P Zero Nero All Season name as the line moves forward. P Zero Nero All Season tires are fully compatible with the P Zero Nero M+S Pinna tires and may be used to replace them individually, in pairs or sets.

The P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat features a silica-enhanced tread compound blended to provide traction during high temperatures in the dry and low temperatures in the wet or snow. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that features stable outside shoulder blocks combined with siped, continuous intermediate and center ribs that increase footprint rigidity to enhance dry grip during acceleration and braking. Shoulder grooves and circumferential channels allow water to flow through the tread design to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts to provide strength and durability on top of a polyester cord body. Pirelli’s extended mobility solution is made possible by their MIRS computer-controlled robotized manufacturing system, a production process that assures consistency in the application of the additional sidewall reinforcements that provide the self-supporting run-flat capability.


  1. This tire was original equipment on the Cadillac. Had to replace the first tire at 1700 miles due to a bubble in the sidewall and tomorrow I will be replacing the third tire due to a bubble in the sidewall. Noise is also a problem. I agree that Cadillac owners should start a class action suit against Cadillac. I’m 65 years old and I have never experienced such a bad tire in my life. The Cadillac dealer is not helpful they just continue to sell replacement tires. I will never buy or lease a vehicle with a pirelli run flat tire again. Bring back the spare tire. Please

  2. Tires were a major improvement over the stock Cinturato P7 run-flats. Wet and dry traction is very good for this class of tire. Have rotated the tires appropriately over the last 15k miles but they have still developed a loud howl regardless of road surface. Treadwear is even (no cupping/feathering) and they could probably go another 15k miles if I could tolerate driving with earplugs in so I don’t go deaf. It’s unfortunate they have become so deafening, especially in a vehicle with above average noise insulation.

  3. Looked great on new custom wheels. After 1 year of summer driving they became unacceptably loud. Even though I only have about 1/2 the tread gone I will need to replace before next summer. Maybe the noise is why the dropped price from $202 to $79 each. I really hate screaming tires!!!! Too bad.

  4. With only 500 miles in, I can tell these tires are great! Cannot vouch for the wet and snow traction since it rarely rains or snows in southern AZ.I’m a spirited driver that drives like the city is my track and these tires are great so far

  5. I bought these tires to replace the stock Dunlop Maxx Sport summer tires. They ride better, corner better (despite more rubber flex because of deeper treads), are quieter, and have much better compliance. Very happy with purchase. Can’t wait for a new Hampshire winter so I can try them in light snow.

  6. I agree with the previous comment that this tire is not a good tire for this vehicle. I am about to replace my 4th tire for another bubble (1 just popped, 2 others bubbled now this one). They are noisy on flat road driving and you can literally feel the pebbles on the road. I am very unhappy with this tire and will try to replace them with something else. They bubble too easily on roads that I drove on all the time with my Chrysler 300 and never got a bubble or popped a tire. I love my car but hate the tires. To go with a larger sidewall I need to replace my rims and I am not about to drop that cash on new rims.

  7. This Pirelli Zero Nero Run Flat is the worst tire I’ve ever had on any of my cars. Cadillac should be ashamed of having this tires as their tire of choice on my 15 CTS. After 15000, I experience a loud humming/thumping sound from the car as speed increased. I took it to the dealership and had them check for bearing issues. They told me it was the tires and they were cupped and very loud and need them replaced if I didn’t want to hear the noise anymore. Also have already had one replaced when the car had 12000 miles on it due to a split in the sidewall. When I replace next week, it will definitely NOT be a Pirelli tire of any sort!


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