The P Zero Nero (nero Italian for black) is Pirelli’s Max Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes and medium-large sedans. The P Zero Nero was developed to work harder so the driver could play harder exploiting the sporting character of their high performance car. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the P Zero Nero, like all summer tires, is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

P Zero Nero tires feature a silica and carbon black enhanced tread compound molded into a subtle asymmetric, wide rib tread design to increase the rigidity of the tread to resist deformation and enhance grip and steering response on a variety of road surfaces while enhancing resistance to irregular wear and generating low noise levels. Circumferential grooves are optimized in their position and width to maximize dry road performance while enhancing hydroplaning resistance.

The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by zero degree nylon to complement a lightweight aramid internal structure that resists deformation at high speeds.


  1. This is the second set of P Zero Nero I have had on my Fiesta ST.For daily driving they are a great tyre giving good feedback on the road and above average levels of grip.Highly recommend them

  2. Overall satisfaction with this OEM tire dampened by tire wear: 5/32 is more wear than experienced with similar performance spec tires. Am replacing with BF Goodrich G-Force Comp tires.

  3. Great dry traction and handling couldn’t ask for better. but when it rains be weary tires will spin when starting from a stop and will hydroplane at highway speeds I have had my vehicle abrubptly change lanes without trying several times for that reason I’m going to try the Michelin Pilot Sports AS3 tires and hopefully it will remedy this.

  4. These tires are not really good at anything other than responsiveness. The tires are completely bald after 7000 miles. I checked the alignment and I haven’t thrashed these around either. They have only one autocross event on them. After 5500 miles they had 5/32″ left on them, so I took them on a road trip to the black hills. After a day of going through the hills amazing roads, and not in an aggressive manner, the fronts were done and the rears had 3/32″. They have absolutely no ability in rain or temps below 40-45. I have had several sets of performance tires and these are easily the most disappointing set I’ve ever had. Noisy, extremely short life, dry cornering is not that good compared to the competition. Stay away from these turds, I got them on sale, and I wish I had gone with pretty much anything else. I’ve had good luck with Pirellis before, but I don’t think I’d ever pick up a set again without someone I knew vouching for them.

  5. Mostly driving around the city, not much highway. Over local road bumps and cracks we cross over each week, these tires are so much smoother. Also, these tires are much less noisy that the OEMs.So far, had not used them in the wet and have not really pushed them in a corner.

  6. My Abarth came with Pirelli P Zero Nero 205 40R 17 tires. I drove them to and from work not every day but about 4 days a week, BUT I also auto crossed them on a concrete track (WW2 airfield) for an entire season. I also did three competition driving schools on them. I ran them until they were slicks (not recommended really, especially in rainy conditions). I have to say, for a street tire these things are amazing. Of a usual 100 or so cars of all types at the events I consistently placed around 30th beating Vettes, Porsches, Subarus, Bimmers etc. I was amazed at the performance of these tires, granted a they are not competition tires! I was amazed at their grip on the track even once worn to slicks and that I got as many miles out of them as I did. When they wore out I replaced them with Falken 615Ks which performed even better on the track under racing conditions but I always worried about wet weather driving with the Falkens. The Pirellis didn’t give me that worry in wet conditions (until they were slicks). I bought a second set of wheels and am going to buy another set of the P Zero Neros for street driving and just replaced the Falken 615Ks for track use. I think there are better track tires than the Falkens but I trust the Falkens on the road and they work well on the track, last longer than stickier tires and are a better price point. The Pirellis are a good price point too for a road tire. Actually I’m very happy with both tires! A lot of veeeery high performance cars come stock with the Pirelli P Zero Neros! Great tires!

  7. These are the original equipment tires for Mercedes, they are smooth and responsive at highways speed, wished the road noise would less. I am very satisfied with wet weather traction at highways speeds.


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