Italians have always identified the color red with passion. And while red sports cars are probably the most identifiable example when it comes to driving passion, there is also Pirelli’s P Zero Rosso (Rosso, ro’ so, Italian for red). P Zero Rosso Max Performance Summer tires were developed to combine high performance, high speed and a high degree of comfort.

Specific design techniques, raw materials and manufacturing methods have been incorporated to produce Pirelli’s most comfortable Max Performance tires. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the P Zero Rosso, like all summer tires, is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The P Zero Rosso System includes both asymmetric and directional tread designs, each tuned to satisfy the unique performance needs of different types of vehicles and uses. The P Zero Rosso Asimmetrico is the most widely used because it’s designed for both front and rear axle positions of front engine front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars (and on all cars driven on the track). The P Zero Rosso Direzionale is designed to offer enhanced hydroplaning resistance and is primarily for use on the lighter load carrying front axle positions of mid-engine and rear-engine rear-wheel drive cars (which are then combined with the P Zero Rosso Asimmetrico tires on the rear axle positions).

Both of the P Zero Rosso tread patterns are elegant. The Asimmetrico tread pattern retains the “Zero concept” of earlier P Zero tires by combining a semi-slick center rib that enhances driving precision while accelerating and braking with robust outer shoulder and intermediate tread blocks that are connected by circumferential “multi-ring” ribs to enhance dry grip. The independent blocks of the inner intermediate rib and inside shoulder are separated by wide grooves to help eject water to reduce hydroplaning and enhance wet grip. Considerable use has been made of curved grooves, which complement the circumferential grooves to reduce noise.

P Zero Rosso tires use a silica-enhanced tread compound to provide better grip in low temperatures in the wet and lower rolling resistance in the dry. The tread is supported by PenTec (a material developed by Allied Signal for space exploration) cord which is used to reinforce lightweight steel belts and give more high-speed stability while reducing tire weight and temporary flatspotting when parked overnight.

While most Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires wear a red “P Zero” logo, selected sizes simply feature the “Rosso” logo as part of the embossed black sidewall styling along with the black letters.


  1. Purchased this tire for my 2009 G8 GXP and have been nothing but impressed. I have always heard people talking about the P-Zero for a high performance tire but was not expecting this level of performance. In dry conditions these tires provide monster grip, perfect for accelerating and deceleration quickly. They have great lateral grip while cornering and run out very well at high speeds with little tire noise. As for wet conditions they hook up better than most tires, being in a high horsepower car it is hard to get grip in the wet but even cruising on the highway in the rain they allow for smooth sailing and very little hydroplaning. Tire noise is next to none, tread wear is exceptional, and price is right on par with competition. By far the best tire i have ever used.

  2. I have a 08 Mustang GT with only 12K miles on her. Its primarily used as a promotional/show car for my business, Westside Powder Coating, Romulus Michigan. I have done some modifications, one is replaced the factory 17″ rims with 19″ Ford Racing Track Pak rims. Theses tires 255/50/19 fit beautifully. They really fill up the wheel wells nicely. They replaced Goodyear eagle F1 super car tires that I bought used with about 50% tread life remaining. I enjoyed the Goodyear’s, but they are very soft and wear very fast. Also, the initial cost of the Goodyear’s and the life are far to expensive in my opinion. These are incredible! They hook up great, throw the car into a turn, no slide. Well worth the money and so far a great tire. Definitely recommend these tires.

  3. No real problem with tires performance is as expected. Will probably return to Michelin which were original equipment on this car just because the Michelin felt better and seemed to wear better. Wish Pirelli would have kept the highlighted red markings to distinguish them from others.

  4. After 3000 miles of mainly city driving in Northern California ( 20 % hwy – interstate 5, when the need for speed felt ) I was pleasantly surprised with the little tread wear my tires took. Brand new the specs stated it has 9/32 and the front still has the same measurement the rear did go down to 7/32. Makes me think maybe I should rotate them. I am happy I will not need them replaced for 2 more years at least assuming I don’t change my driving habits. Definitely recommend these “sticky” Pirelli p zeros Rossi summer performance tires for Porsches. I do not recommend driving these tires on snow even though I have not tried it.

  5. These are the oem tires. They have been great over the years. Only after about 22000 miles did the performance start to decline. In the early miles the grip was amazing. They would not break loose on hard acceleration. I will purchase another set. Most of the miles have been on California s mostly concrete freeways. To those that complain of premature wear, you have to take into account the road surface you drive on. Just one of many variables.

  6. Brand new set of these came on my car when I bought it. From the get go, I noticed how loud and uncomfortable they were. They only go louder as they wore down. The tread life was terrible. In wet conditions, I could feel the car losing grip. I had to to be very careful. I would not recommend purchasing these tires. It is worth it to spend a little extra money on Contis or Michelin.


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