The Scorpion ATR is Pirelli’s On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tire developed for pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicle drivers that want to combine on-road civility with off-road capability. The Scorpion ATR is designed to master long highway journeys, wet roads and the challenges of winter driving by combining paved road comfort and handling with rough terrain grip and maneuverability.

The Scorpion ATR features a silica-enhanced tread compound molded into a quiet-running, symmetric all-terrain type tread pattern. A virtual continuous center rib and large, stable shoulder tread blocks provide directional stability and steering response while interlocked independent tread blocks in the center tread area further promote acoustic comfort, even on-road wear and off-road traction. Sweeping central circumferential grooves and lateral shoulder grooves channel water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The independent tread blocks are siped to provide extra biting edges that enhance off-road traction on loose surfaces and in snow. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon cord to support the tread area providing predictable handling and high-speed control, while polyester cords stabilize the sidewalls and enhance ride quality.


  1. Awesome tire. These were the original tire’s that came on my King Ranch 4×4. Just now swapped them out at 79000 miles with good tread on them. I made sure to keep them balanced and rotated as required. The only beef, they could have been better on wet pavement.

  2. This tire functions very well in average soccer mom conditions, as well as light dirt and gravel off road conditions. I live in northern Minnesota, less than 60 miles from Canada. I see 100in of snow every year that doesn’t melt until May. City streets are usually covered in a layer of compacted snow and ice. This is where these tires fail miserably. I’ve had Chinese brand all terrain tires that had ten times more traction in snow and ice than these pirrelli’s do. I need a tire I can depend on not getting me stuck in 4in of fresh snow, as I’m normally driving through even more than that. They’re also deadly slippery on icy conditions. If you get conditions similar to where I’m living, I would not recommend these tires.

  3. Have had these tires for 3 years now and still doing great. Used in all sorts of conditions: 1) highway driving up I-70 to Colorado mountains in very snowy/icy conditions performed great in 4×4, 2) Steep, rocky, and super fun forest access roads all over Colorado with very limited slip in 4-Low and stood up to the variable terrain (boulders, jagged rocks, tree stumps) tremendously, 3) slightly wet, little muddy, rocky roads in Colorado very little slipping and in those conditions you really just have to keep moving, 4) Dry highway driving a bit noisier that I would have liked and turning quickly while accelerating will make these a bit shifty, 5) very dry, desert-like, sandy and loose conditions in Arizona could have been a bit better. some slipping These things will take you just about anywhere with fantastic tread life and reliability. I’ve never gotten stuck (almost once in some really deep sand but 4-Low to the rescue) nor have I felt uncomfortable on medium difficulty climbing (i.e. St. Mary’s Glacier network of Trails in CO, Kelly Flats and Red Feather Lakes in Colorado, Backway to Crown King in AZ there were a few areas I just didn’t have clearance for). Now I wouldn’t take these blasting through sand dunes or on gravel but an excellent tire overall.

  4. Came stock on my FX4 with 20 miles on them. Live in the midwest so we have all the weather you can throw at them. Now am getting new tires after 67000 miles, They did good for everything, got around fine.

  5. I have purchased these tires for now three(3) different Ford trucks (suv) two ford Escapes 2006 and 2007 and now for my Ford 2010 Ranger These tires are among the best for the money they handle great in all conditions with a smooth ride

  6. Best tire I ever used. I expect to top 100,000 miles. No flats, does not lose air, smoothest ride. The only negative is the white lettering is breaking down a bit but they are about 13 years old.


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