The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus (Verde – Italian for green) is Pirelli’s enhanced eco-friendly Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles and prestigious pickups. Designed to deliver more miles and miles per gallon than its predecessor, the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus combines longer treadwear and reduced rolling resistance while retaining year-round traction in dry, wet and wintertime conditions, even in light snow.

The Ecoimpact* icons branded on the sidewall of Scorpion Verde All Season Plus tires highlight their environmental compatibility where their reduced rolling resistance and lighter weight promotes vehicle fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions compared to Pirelli’s previous CUV/SUV tire lines.

Scorpion Verde All Season Plus tires use a silica-enhanced tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design that features an optimized rubber-to-void ratio and uniform contact patch to blend dry road handling with uniform wear. Four wide circumferential grooves displace water from under the tire’s footprint to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Longitudinal sipes promote lateral stability while high-density lateral sipes enhance wet road and wintertime traction.


  1. Other than a slight wisp of noise, these are tires are fine. I can only hope they last longer than the OEM Hanhooks (VENTUS S1 NOBLE2) of only 32,000 miles. Unfortunately the life of the Pirellis is actually less so we’ll see.

  2. Put 32K miles on these tires. Shoulders were down to 2/32 and center was maybe 4/32. Warranty was for 65K, these tires did not come close. While these tire build and tread compound might work for a XUV for a full-size 4wd pick-up it could not hand the wear. Last set of Pirellis I buy.

  3. My car was a CPO purchase and the Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires came with it, but had 10k miles on them when I bought the car at 35k miles last year. The car is now at 50k and all tires are worn out. When I bought the car they looked normal regarding tread, but in just one year and 15k miles mostly on freeways, they are now completely shot. I’m not a crazy driver in the slightest. Far from the rated tread life even with proper inflation, rotation, alignment, etc. The tires are perfectly fine for around town errand running, but not particularly confidence inspiring even on dry highways. I also experienced a very wet winter this past year and even with this heavy, AWD, diesel SUV there were times I felt loss of traction and had to work extra hard to stay on course. I would not take these to the snow even when new, but have never had problems with other tire brands when I lived in Colorado. The noise both from the tires themselves and cabin noises/vibrations caused by the harsh ride over all pavement types has become unbearable, but I knew I’d be replacing them soon due to the accelerated wear so I’ve tolerated it. This is a Mercedes SUV that is very solid and capable, but by no means a race car, and I feel these tires are completely mismatched for the vehicle despite being recommended by the manufacturer. It feels like the soft and comfortable suspension of the car is constantly fighting against these overly harsh and sporty tires. If I wanted a sports car, I would have bought one. I’ve replaced these tires with a far more capable set of Michelins with a slightly lower UTQG rating, but feel more fitting of the ‘all season grand touring’ classification with much better performance. I know they just released the Scorpion Verde AS II, but I don’t recommend taking the chance on them at all. I think these get good reviews when they’re brand new, but they’re absolutely terrible with any wear. These Pirelli tires have truly been the epitome of the ‘no season tire&

  4. Installed: 6/11/16 – (11/32 Tread new)Removed: 10/31/19 – (4/32″ tread – 96,419 Mi)Everything was fine for the first 32,000 miles (down to 7/32″ tread), then I noticed they started getting noisy (low-pitch “rumble”), and continued increasing road noise over the past year until it was nearly intolerable. There was no detectable vibration (as if out of balance). It was so bad I thought it might be a wheel bearing because the rumble didn’t change much with road surface change. The dealer had confirmed it was tires.10/31/19 I replaced them with a set of Michelins after 45,050 miles (of a 60,000 mile tire) and all is quiet once again. In retrospect, they only performed “well” for the first 32,000 miles (about half their life). I had the tread checked when removed – I ran off 3/32″ in 12,700 mi the last year, and the alignment was still perfect when checked. This is the first set of tires I have ever replaced due to excessive noise they were before completely worn out.

  5. I bought this car 2 .5 years ago and the dealer, had replaced ordinal Michelin tires. They are noisy on all roads that are not perfectly smooth. I complained but they took me on smooth roads so we didn’t hear the noise. after 30,000 miles they spin on acceleration on wet roads. I’m afraid I will have to replace them because this could be dangerous. Thjey were less expensive than the Michelin tires but were not worth the price difference. I will never buy Pirelli Tires again.

  6. 70k miles rated tires which need replacing in 45k. Also as they wore, they became increasing loud. The first 18 months or 25k miles they were excellent tires. After the 25k point, they were below average tires.


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