The Scorpion Verde (Italian for green) All Season Run Flat is Pirelli’s eco-friendly Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season run-flat tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles and prestigious pickups. Scorpion Verde All Season Run Flat tires feature Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology that enhances safety and convenience by providing temporary extended mobility in the event a puncture results in complete loss of air pressure. Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology allows tires to literally “run flat” for up to 50 miles at 50 mph (80 km at 80 km/h) unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer for Original Equipment tires. The Ecoimpact* icons on the Scorpion Verde All Season Run Flat sidewalls highlight the tire’s environmentally-friendly contribution to increasing vehicle fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions compared to Pirelli’s earlier CUV/SUV tire lines. The Scorpion Verde All Season Run Flat is designed to combine dry and wet road handling, comfort and year-round capabilities, including all-season traction in light snow.

The Scorpion Verde All Season Run Flat molds a silica tread compound into an asymmetric tread design that features an optimized rubber-to-void ratio and uniform contact patch to blend dry road traction and performance with uniform wear. Four wide circumferential grooves displace water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction while longitudinal siping provides lateral stability on loose surfaces and high-density lateral siping enhances wet and wintertime traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts to provide strength and durability on top of a polyester cord body. Pirelli’s extended mobility solution is made possible by their MIRS computer-controlled robotized manufacturing system, a production process that assures consistency in the application of the additional sidewall reinforcements that provide the self-supporting run-flat capability.

*Specific sizes utilizing eco-focusing manufacturing methods are identified with Pirelli’s Ecoimpact designation on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.

Though they cannot be labeled as run-flat tires, tires branded with MOExtended or MOE on their sidewalls offer run-flat-like characteristics by delivering limited temporary extended mobility after a puncture results in complete loss of air pressure. Because MOExtended or MOE tires do not have the same speed and distance endurance of conventional run-flat tires, they should not be substituted in any situation where a conventional run-flat tire is required. To confirm what your vehicle needs, check our Original Equipment tire listing for your year, make and model or see your vehicle owner’s manual.


  1. This is my third set of Pirelli Verde All-Wx Run Flats. Mounted them on MB 20″ wheels since taking delivery of the car in late 2012. Bot them for an MB ML350 Diesel that my wife drives who wanted a run-flat tire so that she would not have to change a tire in the middle of nowhere. Originally, concerned that run-flats would be a performance compromise, but have not ever felt so. Got about 36,000 miles out of each of my first two sets. This is a good, all-around tire but gives up something in absolute high performance. This new set (installed in Jan 2019) seems to be a real improvement over my last sets in terms of feel: softer, more responsive? Have used these in light snow and black ice and they were solid but not what snow/ice tires would have done. For Houston temps and wx, and my wife’s driving style, these are a perfect tire for all year round use. I expect to get another 36,000+ miles from this set. I do rotate and re-balance every 5-6k miles. I run these 20″ tires at 38psi instead of the MB recommended lower pressures: feels and drives much better, IMO.

  2. Extremely poor wear capacity. I have these tires on an Audi. I also own a BMW X5 and had 85,000 miles on the original four tires before I needed to replace those tires. I would not buy this tire. I drive slowly, do not exceed the speed limit, corner slowly and anticipate braking situations to reduce wear on tires. All these habits have previously allowed me to replace tires anywhere between 85,000 and 100,000 miles. The Audi with the tires I am reviewing provided just 25,000 miles before told I would need to replace these in the near future. Pirelli saw me coming.

  3. As the miles add up the tires have gotten very loud and the ride has become very harsh. Responsive is ok, as is overall traction in a variety of conditions. Treadwear is disappointing and will need replacement at about 25,000. I am a Pirelli fan, but these tires are a disappointment.

  4. Without question the WORST tires I have ever owned! Tires are down to the wear bars at 21000 miles and are so loud that the service rep at Audi thought the front wheel bearings were shot. Never been so disappointed in a tire. I hate run flats (hard riding and noisy from the factory) and will be replacing with a non run flats.

  5. Very poor tread life; second set of this type; first set replaced at 17,000 miles; second set showing wear at only 2,500 miles.


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