The Winter Cinturato is Pirelli’s Studless Ice & Snow winter tire developed for drivers of compact coupes and family sedans looking for confidence and safety in winter’s worst conditions and an enjoyable driving experience on clear roads.

Winter Cinturato tires mold a special winter tread compound into an arrow-shaped, directional design. The tread pitch sequence and sipe density are engineered to optimize mechanical grip on all surfaces, for improved mobility on slush, snow and ice. The innovative and connected tread grooves efficiently evacuate water and slush to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, and the resulting block design features a high level of lateral stability for confident handling and travel at highway speeds.

The Winter Cinturato tire features a wide and stable footprint to evenly distribute pressure across the face of the tire, improving traction while braking and enhancing wear characteristics.

Winter Cinturato tires meet the industry’s snow service requirements and are branded with the three peak three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Install Winter Cinturato tires in sets of four only.
Due to the traction capabilities of Pirelli Winter Cinturato tires, Pirelli recommends using them only in sets of four to provide the best handling characteristics and tire performance.


  1. I purchased these tires with steel rims for my recently purchased Fiesta ST. Due to purchasing the car in late November, I knew I had limited time with the Summer only tires from the factory. I saw these and thought I would give them a try. My impressions as of late are that these are great winter tires, even for the winter driving enthusiast. On the dry pavement, these tires have great lateral grip. There is some flexing in the corners, however I equate that to the high sidewall I have specifically set up with my car. Road noise is very low – lower than the stock summer tires. Surprisingly, the time they make the most noise is when you’re turning at parking lot speeds. Where I find these tires really shine though is in slush. These tires cut right through the mucky wet snow with ease, and keep you in control. Likewise the snow performance is very good as well. Ice performance isn’t what I’d call great, but what tire that isn’t studded is going to excel on black ice? Rough ice (like frozen slush) performance is good. Overall, I believe these to be great winter tires, especially for the price they are sold at. They provide surprising performance in dry conditions, and keep you in control when things start to get hairy. Despite being winter tires, they don’t emit a much road noise. I’d almost recommend these as all-season replacements, however I think they might be overkill in that respect!


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