The Winter Snowsport is Pirelli’s Performance Winter / Snow tire developed to combine good snow and ice traction with European high-speed winter driving performance. Available in low profile, high speed sizes, Pirelli Winter Snowsport tires are for the drivers of high performance sport cars, sport coupes and sport sedans who require winter driving traction on cold, dry, wet and snow-covered roads.

Winter Snowsport tires feature an asymmetric tread design with broad, rounded outer shoulder blocks to enhance dry road handling performance. These are combined with independent intermediate tread blocks separated by wide circumferential grooves to enhance wet road traction and hydroplaning resistance. The tread blocks also feature variable geometry (slightly different sizes and shapes) and transverse sipes to provide the multiple biting edges necessary to help grip snow and ice to enhance winter traction without resorting to traditional metal studs. A pure silica tread compound is used to combine winter traction with high speed durability.

Winter Snowsport tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Install Pirelli Winter Snowsport tires in sets of four only.

Due to the traction capabilities of Winter Snowsport tires, Pirelli recommends using Pirelli Snowsport tires only in sets of four to provide the best handling characteristics and tire performance.


  1. These tires are great and an excellent choice for those who are looking for good snow traction without compromising performance in normal conditions. No excessive squirm in the dry, predictable handling, and reasonable noise levels, although the ride comfort is on the firm side. In the snow, they provide consistent traction and make the vehicle much easier and predictable to handle and stop. We’ve had it for 3 seasons and it still has a fair amount of tread left.

  2. I’ve had these tires on a 2001 Audi S4, 2004 Audi S4 and 2004 BMW M3 (in different sizes). These tires work great in the snow and handle well in the dry. Very quiet tire. I bought it again three times!

  3. I have had these tires for 5 seasons and are worn out. The first 3 winters the tires were great the last two the tires were still good given that they down to the last 40% I would say they would last 4 seasons of mostly wet winter conditions – plowed streets.Stopping on icy and slushy streets was not a problem, however, starting on the same was a little more challenging given my car is RWD and makes a bit of power. Still these tires were up to the task and I have not complaints. I live on the pacific north west so we do not get a lot of snow but a lot of wet weather and black ice, these tires handle those conditions with ease and are confidence inspiring. On the highway they handle well and are pretty quiet and responsive as promised in the product literature.I have driven in deep snow and when new they were great and were good to the end, but really deep snow more than 7 inches they are not so good but then I think it is a function of my car’s ground clearance more than the tires. For the snow we get here 3-5 inches for short periods of time these tires performed admirably. Unfortunaely, they are very expensive and are discontinued. I have had two sets of Pirelli snowsport tires – one set on another car – Pirelli make a very good winter tire with good wear and traction, I have referred several people to the snowsports and they are happy with them. A good all round tire.

  4. I have used these tires for 4 winters now and I’m totally impressed. They handle as well as my summer sport tires and go through snow as deep as my lowered Miata can handle. Winter tires are so worth the investment (and they give your stock rims a purpose again). At the time I bought these they were one of very few that came in my size (205-45/17) and I’m happy with the Pirellis. Sidewalls are really stiff with very little flex so handling is great but ride is a little rougher. Noise level is awesome for a winter tire. We rarely get snow here but when we do it’s hilly with tons of curvy roads so it’s hard going. Great tires.


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