The Winter Sottozero Serie II is Pirelli’s second generation of Sottozero Performance Winter / Snow tires developed for the drivers of premium, high performance vehicles facing challenging wintertime road conditions. The Winter Sottozero Serie II was developed with the philosophy that winter / snow tires must perform in a variety of unpredictable weather conditions and aren’t just for use in the snowbelt states. Winter Sottozero Serie II tires are designed not just as winter / snow tires, but as seasonal tires suitable for the weather and road conditions typically experienced in parts of the U.S. between November and April by providing traction and handling in cold, dry, wet and wintry conditions.

Winter Sottozero Serie II tires use a tread compound featuring new polymers and mixing processes that allow them to be ecologically friendlier because they are free of aromatic oils. Pirelli’s Temperature Dynamic Compound technology optimizes the compound for wet and icy surfaces to provide improved traction in winter’s near-freezing and lower temperatures. The tread blocks feature Pirelli’s Interactive Brickwork Siping where the sipes create a brickwork pattern that increases both lateral and longitudinal stability while providing more biting edges to increase snow traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped polyamide that enhances thermal stability and makes the tires less sensitive to road and air temperature changes.

Winter Sottozero Serie II winter / snow tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Install Winter Sottozero Serie II tires in sets of four only.

Due to the traction capabilities of the Winter Sottozero Serie II tires, Pirelli recommends using them only in sets of four to provide the best handling characteristics and tire performance.


  1. I am a very cautious driver. That being said, I am using these tires in snow/ice mode on my car and the slightest press of the peddle with my toe and the rears loose traction. Keep in mind I’m driving a car with 455hp to the rear wheels. The tires have excellent turning and braking ability on snow however you cannot use this on a RWD car in the snow when turning at all. You need to be very very careful when any throttle is applied at all.

  2. I am writing this review as I order 2 additional tires. My wife suffered a pothole blowout this morning. We have felt quite secure with this set of tires through this winter. Generally we don’t use this car for deep snow. But everything else has been sure footed.

  3. Tires were great at the start but even then there were a few problems. The 255/40/R19 were a touch larger and you could hear the tread rub on the inside wheel well. Overall the tires were OK but didn’t have fantastic grip on snow or wet roads. The worst came when the tires were a few years old and one let go on the freeway and partially delaminated creating a lot of damage on the wheel well, rear fender and bumper bar causing shop time for repairs. Since when do tire de-laminated these days? Certainly wouldn’t buy them again.

  4. The Sotozeros performed well for a winter tire. I felt that they provided good feedback and cornered well. A little softer than my summer tire and slight slipping around tight medium speed corners but very good for a performance winter tire.

  5. I was a bit leary of breaking my pattern of high end Michelin performance snows, but am glad I took a chance on the Pirellis. This Sottozero II is easily the best performance snow tire I have driven. It is notably better in four areas: dry and wet grip, road noise, wear, and snow handling. About the same in deep snow. Even in the 255/35-19 size, it handled every extreme of an upstate NY winter. Makes me want to consider the P Zero Nero when my OEM Continentals wear out (which will be too soon), over the Michelin Pilot A3+. P.S. It helps to have a AWD great car!

  6. I have 3,000 miles (about half on snow/ice) on my Tesla Performance Model 3. This tire is a driver’s tire. It’s wonderfully predictably and easy to drive near the limit without surprises. I’ve had winter tires with better snow/ice traction but I couldn’t wait for spring to come so I could take them off. These tires I’ll take off reluctantly in the spring because they are so pleasant to drive on any road surface. The AWD/Performance Tesla Model 3 has exceptional electronic traction and stability controls, very quick to react and very progressive, so no heavy-handed and obvious intervention. You can enter a snowy corner too fast and it’s like the hand of — reaching down to hold you on your line. Most drivers wouldn’t even know they had help if they didn’t look down and see the indication of electronic driver aids kicking on. Because the Tesla is so sure-footed on snow and ice this tire is a great match. It doesn’t have the most ice/snow traction compared to other good winter tires but the Model 3 doesn’t need that much to drive confidently in a relaxed manner. These are good tires for performance driving on cold, wet or dry roads or more normal driving on treacherous ice and snow. Plenty of winter tires will offer a bit more traction on snow and ice and if you are willing to live with the poor driving dynamics on bare or bare/wet highways and the extra noise and imprecise feel that most winter tires offer, then go with those. This is a great winter tire for those who can’t stand typical winter tires and love to drive curvy backroads.

  7. I’ve had these tires for ’10 Cadillac CTS-V for about 3 1/2 years now – only for winter! Being a high horsepower rear wheel drive performance sedan, this is normally not known for winter driving. Getting snow tires for it was the best decision. I originally purchased the tires while living in NY on Long Island – lots of snow and cold weather. These tires performed better the colder it gets. There were several 2-4″ snows that my car was able to go along normally compared to seeing other trucks and SUVs in the ditches. This turned my good weather only sport sedan into a year round performance vehicle!


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