High Performance All-Season tires are for drivers who want a combination of a sporty appearance, predictable handling and H- or V-speed rated durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. High Performance All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans.

O.E. High Performance All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. I am surprised with the amount of negative reviews these tires have. The only reason why I would not recommend these is because they are not worth the money for the performance you get. but if these came OEM on your Mazda, know your manufacturer picked an EXCELLENT set of OEM rubber. traction in the dry and wet is nothing short of outstanding. confidence driving in heavy rain is excellent. and they grip HARD in water, very predictable and communicative when they give up traction. Treadwear is average. they are noisy on the highway but comfortable and not loud in the city.Mazda’s are very, very well tuned to Yokohama tires. I Highly recommend the avid envigors as they are much cheaper yet equal in terms of performance.

  2. These were stock tires on my Mazda6 that I bought while living in Florida last year. They have been great in dry and wet. I have felt no issues in these conditions. Others say the tires are noisy…I do not find them to be too noisy, but maybe I don’t have a quieter tire to. The noise never bothered me, and the ride feels smooth. Then I moved to CT. I used to live in CT, and I know all about winter driving there. I never had issues with many prior cars and tire types. I always drove in snowy conditions on the all-season tires I had. Drive slowly, and generally one is ok. And sometimes I’d go to an empty parking lot to purposefully lose traction and test my ability to control the car. I considered snow tires after reading some of these reviews. With my first winter back in CT, a light dusting fell….car still drove fine. There was some instability when changing lanes on the highway. I did not lose traction purposefully going into corners a bit hard to see what would happen. Then a week later a real snow fell (4-6 inches). Someone else in my family had already gone out shopping in this in another car/other tires, and had no problem with careful driving. So I decided I should test my tires. I was lucky to even make it out of the driveway! As soon as I got into the road, I was stuck. Got the car moving, went around a loop of my street, then got stuck again in front of my house. Got it moving and then stuck again in the driveway. Terrible!!!!! Getting snow tires as soon as possible now. Do not bother with snow or ice, you’ll be risking your life….seriously. This is basically a summer tire that does well in rain. You will need snow tires if you live somewhere that gets snow.

  3. I have a Mazda6 manual. In lower gears, when accelerating and shifting up, these tires are really bad. The worst I have ever had. The car is all over the place, shimmying in the back. The tires skid and slide. I am nervous when taking my car out in the rain. We’ve had very little snow since I got the car, so I am not sure about winter driving. I can’t imagine it’s any better than wet conditions. It’s a shame that Mazda agreed to use these tires in a production model – it’s been a great way to ruin the brand’s image for me.

  4. I strongly agree with the previous comments. These tires are scary in the snow. How these tires can have an all season rating is beyond me. Went out and got a set of dedicated snow tires (Blizzaks) and rims. The price on these Yokohamas is ridiculous – will be getting something else when they wear out.

  5. I have driven on this tire for 5,000 miles and find it ot be a decent OEM tire. I have found the only really draw back to the tire is road noise but otherwise it has been a very good OEM tire. Dry traction is great and I have had no trouble in the rain. I have read a few reviews that these tires are bad in the snow but I think they are very good in the snow. I drove 35 miles in a snow storm, about 4-6 inches of unplowed snow on the highway with no issues. I was doing about 50 mph most of the way, blowing by SUVs, Trucks, cars, etc and I only got a little lose once. Are they as good as the best Mich, Goodyear, Bidgestone, etc. no. But for an OEM it is the best I have had. Way better than the OEM tires (Goodyear Eagle LS) that came on my Camary.

  6. These tires are surprisingly good as an OEM selection, which is how I got them — they came on my Mazda 6 Sport MT. They track well including on grooved pavement (no notable tramming is experienced) and in terms of both wet and dry traction in straight-line and cornering they’ve proved to be quite competent, including in some really awful monsoon-style rains. I just rotated them for the first time and expect I’ll likely get somewhere between 30-40,000 miles before they require replacement based on observed treadwear thus far. They can be run fairly high on air pressure without getting overly harsh in ride quality; I run 40 front/38 rear on my “6”.I live in Florida so we don’t get snow and the car is only a few months old, so I have no winter experience with these at all. As a spring/summer/fall tire they’d be perfectly ok except for one problem — they’re really, really awful in terms of road noise on anything but very smooth pavement.Even slightly-worn blacktop results in these tires absolutely howling as speeds build. It’s not a problem around town but on the highway beyond 45-50mph is an entirely different matter. They’re just flat-out LOUD and an embarrassment to Mazda’s tire selection group, especially given that they’re also not cheap and thus the choice can’t be excused on the basis of price.If it wasn’t for that problem and the fact that they’re rather more expensive than competitive offerings I might be inclined to buy them again, provided their treadlife continues to track as it has. But road noise is simply ridiculous for any application where a reasonable ability to have a discussion between passengers is expected on the highway. Their overall performance is excellent or I’d replace them early but I’m looking forward to my car being materially quieter when these wear out and I put some new shoes on her.

  7. These were original equipment tires for my 2014 Mazda 6-Sport. First the good. This tire is very responsive. Very sporty feel. As these tires age, road noise progressively gets much worse. Tread wear is to be desired. I rotate religiously every 6000 miles. This set will only see a maximum of 35000 miles. Considering the road noise coupled with the low tread wear, even on a light vehicle like the Mazda 6, these tires are very over priced. You can get a much longer lasting tire and quieter tire for much less.

  8. This tire came on my Mazda 6 Sport AT. Tire is responsive and traction has been good even in snow. Tire noise is terrible after 20,000 miles plus noise is incredible. these tires are way over priced. I wouldn’t pay more thean $75 each for these tires!


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