The AVID Ascend GT is Yokohama’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for drivers of sedans, coupes, crossovers and minivans who want a refined ride and noise comfort combined with long life and confident all-season traction. The AVID Ascend GT is designed to deliver grip in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even light snow.

Yokohama BluEarth branding is used to identify an ecologically friendly series of tires that are designed to deliver environmentally, human and socially friendly solutions for drivers and their vehicles. AVID Ascend GT tires branded with the BluEarth symbol are identified on their Sizes and Specs pages.

The asymmetric pattern of the AVID Ascend GT helps optimize grip in all weather conditions, and the tread profile is specifically engineered to create a stable contact patch for improved traction and wear. The tread pitch variation and Outside Adaptive Shoulder Blocks are designed with a focus on noise attenuation for a quiet driving experience. Four deep, circumferential grooves utilize asymmetric widths to aid standing water evacuation through the footprint, while the inside shoulder features open notches to allow water to pass through. Yokohama’s TriBLEND Compound Technology all-season compound utilizes a low-Tg polymer and high silica content for grip in inclement weather, and the Triple 3-D Sipes and notched tread blocks create the biting edges needed for light snow traction.

Internally, a polyester casing aids ride comfort and supports two wide, steel belts. A full nylon cover works with the square profile shape to help resist deflection under cornering loads for more controlled, predictable handling in dry and wet conditions while also providing high-speed capability.


  1. I have had these tires on my Outback for 13K miles and I am pleased with the performance. Very grippy on dry and wet. However, the noise level is noticable not sure if it is a tire mounting issue, but it sounds almost like an SUV off road tire. But as long as I get good performance over the life of the tire I can live with some noise. When it come to price to performance, this tire is very hard to beat.

  2. Initial review: Given the vehicle use, I decide to switch out the Bridgestone Potenzas. Comparing performance tires to touring tires is somewhat like comparing rocks to apples, but it is useful as my goal was to obtain a quieter and less jarring ride while having good steering and braking performance. The initial drive included the typical upper midwest deteriorated urban and highway roads. The tires are amazingly quiet, especially compared to the very noisy Potenzas, and without the jarring ride of a performance tire. The drive included several heavy downpours and gusty winds. Neither were a problem. Steering is not as sharp, and I found myself making more micro steering inputs at speed compared to the Potenzas, but I rate this as a non issue. I cannot comment on winter use as I regard all-season tires as three-season tires for RWD vehicles, and will shortly be switching over to winter tires.

  3. These Yokohama tires are pretty good. I wish they were a little quieter, but overall, I really like them. Much better than the junk stock tires that were on the car when I bought it new.

  4. I like this tire a lot with two exceptions. First, my mileage has taken a huge hit with these tires. I averaged 44.3 mpg with my last set of tires. I have only broken 40 mpg on one tank since installing these. Second, these tires are as noisy as a somewhat aggressive truck tire when you are driving on new or very smooth pavement. It is noticeable enough for my wife to ask about it and she never notices anything vehicle related. Neither of these two issues have improved in the first 4000 miles. I am sad to say these look like they are going to cost me quite a bit of extra gas over the life of the tire. Other than these two things, I really like them.

  5. I bought these tires this spring to replace the OEM Michelin Eco Green tires the car came with. What a difference all around! These tires are far superior for handling wet and dry traction has significantly increased. Highway driving is secure and not squirrely like the OEMs. I’d say the only negative, and it really doesn’t bother me much, is the slight road noise increase. Again, not an issue for me. I actually find it comforting to hear the road knowing how well these tires are planted on it. I have a set of X-Ice’s for winter so these tires may never see much snow, but I’d be way more comfortable running these in winter than the OEM Michelin’s. Tire rack’s track performance is what swayed me toward these tires and I don’t regret it! Wear has been insignificant so far as well!

  6. My 2014 Taurus came with pirellis and we put Michelin’s . I was looking to save money since the first two brands were to costly. The Yokohama’s had what seemed to be a very good rating. But compared to my first two brands the ride and noise are horrible you feel every little bump and seam. And the noise is so loud you literally need to turn up the radio . Best advice don’t buy

  7. These were recommended by the tire rack to replace the terrible Falken tires that are OE on my a Alltrack. Unfortunately the tire rack video review is correct when it talks about this tire have a vague on-center steering feel. I found it pretty annoying, especially since the Falcons tracked so well. It reminds me of driving a Jeep. It is bad enough that I had my car aligned just to make sure everything was in spec. This tire does everything else surprisingly well. Ride and noise improved a little over the OE tire. Traction under acceleration and braking are improved immensely. Off-center, the tire has a nice, sporty feel. It is excellent in the rain and surprisingly good the snow. I haven’t owned them long enough to speak about longevity. I wish I could recommend them but the vague on center feel drives me nuts.

  8. LOUD! These are easily the loudest tires Ive ever heard. Ive got yokohama A/T’s on two Jeeps and those are silent compared to these tires. Im running them at 33psi as per then door sticker and I had an alignment done to make sure that wasnt causing the issue. They are great otherwise. Good Traction,, feel confident driving too fast in the rain, and Ive yet to feel it even think about sliding in a turn. The noise is even worse in the rain. Its a constant weeeeeeeeeen. Its drepressing knowing Ive got to listen to this till they wear out.

  9. After reading many reviews I picked these tires based on handling which was important to me. Also, wet traction was a very high priority as our previous Firestone’s were very poor in this regard. On a wet road it was very common for the Firestone 741’s to lose traction on take off. I have never been able to make these Yokohama tires slip on a wet road take off no matter how hard I have tried. The car handles very well with these tires and has a very good feel to the steering. They are in all regards superior to the 741’s that came on the vehicle when new. Some have complained of excessive noise from these tires. I have not experienced this at all. Of course these are on a Honda Fit which is not a super quiet car to begin with so its not an issue for me at all. My priories were wet traction and general handling and this tire shines in both. I can not speak for snow performance yet but considering their excellent performance on wet roads I would expect them to do fine on the few light snows we get in our area. Considering handling, traction and “feel” my little Fit drives like a sports car with these tires. Over all I am very well pleased with the tires and will likely put them on my Acura RDX when it needs new tires.


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