The AVID Ascend featuring T-speed rated sizes is Yokohama’s first mass-produced Standard Touring All-Season tire line in the United States using Yokohama’s Orange Oil technology and branded with their BluEarth eco-friendly identification. Developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles, the AVID Ascend is designed to blend long treadwear, low rolling resistance and all-season traction, even in light snow.

Yokohama BluEarth branding is used to identify an ecologically friendly series of tires that are designed to deliver environmentally, human and socially friendly solutions for drivers and their vehicles.

Orange Oil technology uses oil extracted from renewable orange peels to improve the molecular bond between natural and synthetic rubber to enhance tire treadlife, vehicle fuel efficiency and traction in all seasons.

The AVID Ascend features a mildly asymmetric tread design consisting of three ride zones that focus on dry grip, water evacuation and wintertime traction. Large outboard shoulder blocks are connected by tread block bridges to maintain tire contact with the road that helps enhance dry response and cornering stability. The continuous center rib provides constant rubber-to-road contact to enhance straight-line tracking while its tapered outboard edge promotes more-even wear. Cross grooves and four circumferential grooves help evacuate water from under the tread to increase hydroplaning resistance and promote wet traction. Yokohama’s 3D Adaptive Sipes provide more tread block rigidity for longer wear, while their biting edges increase wet and wintertime traction. Inboard tread blocks feature higher density 3D Adaptive Sipes to provide additional biting edges that increase winter traction in light snow.


  1. Went off the recommendation of a co-worker that these were good tires to get. I found that after I had them install them traction wet & dry is terrible – Tires spin from a dead stop even when being conservative. I don’t recommend that anyone purchase these tires!!

  2. Been a year and a half on this tire. 35,000 miles. The tread is a little more than half gone at this point. They are quiet, good summer tires. Decent turning, good traction, great stopping on the mini-van. They don’t sway, very stable. It’s not meant for heavy rain, so expect some hydroplaning at speed, it does fine on light rain. Not meant for snow or ice. I’ve had it on ice with half tread and it was as could be expected from a summer type tire. Great tire for a dry/warm climate like the SW, S, and SE states.

  3. Got a hole in the sidewall that couldn’t be repaired. So with 69,000 miles on these tires, I opted to put an identical set of these on my Prius C. They performed just fine, so bought them again.

  4. I bought these Avid Ascends after the original Dunlops had one of the tires tear the bead on the edge of the tire. They had 34000 and could have gone a bit longer but I decided to go for the best tire I could find in the size. The Yokohama tires were very good, MPG was 41-43 on the highway. Traction was good. I live in Texas so no snow here so no opinion on that. They lasted to 50000 and were replaced and prorated since this is a 85000 tire. I had only one flat an pinhole leak in the sidewall at 43000. They were at 3/32 and 2/32nd at the end (except the new tire). I replaced them with the same product with proration price. This is a good tire I don’t drive real hard at all. Just don’t expect to get to 85000 but they were good tires until that end point. The Fit is a not a quiet car on the highway but I don’t think the tires made it any worse. Traction was decent.

  5. Currently went through a set of these on our family beater, the ’04 Accord Coupe and am pleased with the tires characteristics.These tires have lasted 30,000 miles (3.5 yr) + and just today we got a flat from road debris so I decided to order 2 more for one end since the other 2 on rear are in great condition still. These tires wear really well properly maintained and under regular driving conditions.

  6. Excellent tire. With that being said don’t expect it to perform in winter conditions on the level of a specialized snow tire. I drive 72 miles a day five days a week and I barely even notice any road noise from these. They handle very well in any condition except snow and ice (even then its more driver than tire) and do very well in the rain. I’ve had them for almost 50,000 miles and 2.5 years now and of the four I purchased the most worn is at 5/32 while the least is at 8/32; I admittedly don’t get my tires rotated every 7,500 miles as I’d be there every five months. I’m sure with proper rotation and proper inflation (I only put air in if my TPMS tells me to. Again, driver not tire) they would wear evenly. The roll resistance is also very low making these a good choice for a small hybrid like mine; I get 38-42 MPG in winter and 42-45 MPG in summer.All in all a good choice if you’re looking for consistency and longevity.

  7. The car is running 90% highway. 86,000 miles later, tires still have roughly 4.5/32″ left. Pretty impressed. I believe I can squeeze another 5-10k out of it but might replace before the winter. Wear evenly if you rotate every 5k per the car manual. MPG is the same as the stock Ecopia EP20. Increased MPG when hitting 5/32″ but that’s normal for worn tires. Snow traction is OKish. Ice traction is not that good, have to be very gentle to avoid sliding. Wet traction is good. Driven in Oklahoma heavy rain and strong wind and still hold the road at 70mph with no traction control needed, but will not do that again since the tire is already kinda worn. . Will definitely buy again.

  8. Just the kind of tire a big ol’ Buick needs – soft, plush and squishy. These tires are like riding on carpet – especially on the highway. Road reflectors and expansion joints, when run over with the old, hard Uniroyals that came with the car, would echo through the car with a resounding “BOOMP-BOOMP. Now, with these Yokos installed, the same road items produce a barely audible “thp-thp” sound. So comfy. Traction is a non-issue with these tires – even in Florida’s typical afternoon downpours. Deep puddles will slightly overwhelm complete water evacuation, but nothing that would cause loss of control, especially with such a heavy car. And while highway driving with these tires is amazing, around town they feel a little vague, especially in steering response. Not a huge deal since there’s no high speeds involved, but the car may be more to blame here then the squishy Yokos are.Overall, I’m a fan. These tires made a Buick feel like a Buick again (whether that’s a good thing or not, you decide), but I would definitely buy these tires again for this car. They just fit.

  9. My car is a hybrid, I drive nearly 4,000 miles every month for my business, and I care most about durability and reliability. I have gone through two sets of these tires, and, unbelievably, each set has lasted nearly 90,000 miles. Granted, my car is lighter than most, and I drive conservatively most of the time, because in order for me to earn a living I have to keep a good driving record, so I do not put a heavy load on my tires most of the time, but this is by far the best longevity of any tires I have ever driven. These tires give me very good handling and excellent cornering stability on dry roads. They are still quite good on wet roads. Snow and ice traction is only so so, but I am extra careful under those circumstances. Highly recommended. I definitely plan to order another set, and soon.

  10. Actually reviewing the AVID TRZ tires that are no longer an option. Tires were a huge improvement over the OEM Michelin LX4 tires from a traction and wear perspective. Good overall performance in the Mid-Atlantic region and the tires were quite good in light snow and plowed roads. Tires are now nearing the end of their life and are noticeably noisier. I would consider these again, but now they are no longer made. Will consider the Michelin Defenders or new Yokohama Avid Touring S.

  11. I use this hot rod wagon for commuting mostly on country roads, so I wanted quiet, long life tires that didn’t perform poorly. I don’t know how long the tires will last, but they are very quiet. There was a little chirping around corners, but that quickly went away. On twisty country roads these tires are more fun than I expected. These tires on my rear wheel BMW are better in the snow than my wife’s Mazda3 with fairly new Michelins, which is surprising. I bought these tires when there were almost no reviews yet, and I am glad I did.


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