Passenger All-Season tires are for drivers who want a combination of a smooth ride, good wear and S- or T-speed rated durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. Passenger All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on standard coupes, sedans and family vans, as well as some entry-level pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicles.

O.E. Passenger All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. OEM tires on a Mazda 2 that is driven mostly highway. Great responsiveness and no vibrations at high speed. These are V rated tires so surprised they’ve last this long. They are a little stiff but as mentioned, these are V rated so expect it. My only real complaint, beyond 35k miles they horizontal channels disappear and now they only have vertical channels. Rather surprised by this since my V rated Yoko S Drives on my Miata have full depth channels. Plenty of tread left but hydroplaning becomes an issue at highway speeds. For this reason I will not buy the tires again though there are very few choices in a 185/55/15 selection so probably moving to a 195/55/15.

  2. The tires are OEM and have 50k miles on them. This is my wife’s car, and she is a cautious, careful, non-aggressive driver. I drive a little harder, but I have a Miata for that. These tires still have a ton of wear left on them, but we’re going to replace them because for some reason, my wife is a nail-and-screw magnet and every one of the tires has been patched at least once. The straw that broke that poor camel’s back is a screw lodged in the tire right next to a plug from a previous injury. Minus the damage, they probably have another 20k worth of useable tread, remembering that the primary driver does not push them hard. Given the car (100 hp, 4-spd auto, not a racer) they handle well, never protest audibly and provide excellent traction wet or dry. I’ve lived in the Hill Country of Texas for the past 13 years and have seen snow twice, ice maybe four times, so those issues don’t impact tire choice around here. I would recommend them highly and probably get them again if I could find them. Even the dealer doesn’t stock them.

  3. This is the OE tire on my Mazda 2 and the original set. Great tire for general highway use and the occasional spirited mountain drive. Traction is acceptable for stock suspension, but the addition of an anti-roll bar reveals that these tires hold you back in spirited cornering.Do not use these for Auto-X as the tread blocks will tear and shag very easily and the tread squirms under aggressive driving. I have gotten a second set of wheels and much stickier tires for this use. Mountain and canyon driving is acceptable, though higher speed sweepers yield a lot of noise.In the last 3000-5000 miles traction has degraded noticeably. The primary siping has worn down and the tires slide more easily than before, my traction control light has become a frequent visitor in my instrument cluster. The tread still has plenty of life left, but accelerating my 100 hp car at a normal pace frequently results in chirping tires and a traction control light.I will swap these out for a set of identical, unused take-offs, but once I have to purchase another set I will not be purchasing another set. For the price (currently $120 each) there are much better options.

  4. OEM equipment tire on my 2013 TC. Tire compound is too hard and it causes a lot of road noise and steering wheel vibration on rougher roads. Good steering response, but poor traction. Will keep, but will be buying summer tires as these have no performance at all.

  5. Tires were great. I liked the curb guard as I have hopped the corner of a curb a few times and not once have I scraped the rims. But at $200+ a tire, less than 25k miles is not what I want. Overall the tire is good. I had even wear and no issues the two years I had it.

  6. Horrible throughout the winter! Literally got stuck going up a hill that was not in any way steep. Usually able to maneuver through snow with manual transmissions but these tires were atrocious. However, steering and control were excellent, and treadwear was a lot better than expected. Coming up on 30,000 mi and can easily go through to winter if needed. Overall, a decent tire under good weather conditions. Living in CT, impossible. Would never purchase again.

  7. These came OEM on my Mazda2. They’re ok I guess. I can definitely confirm what I’ve seen in other reviews of this tire – that they wear very strangely. Looking at the tire after 32k you’d think there’s plenty of tread left. Look closer and you’ll see the only channels remaining are the vertical channels. All the horizontal channels are gone even though the verticals are still fairly deep!It happened so out of the blue and I find myself buying tires much sooner than I planned to. All wet or snow traction is now gone.Before they wore down they seemed like pretty decent tires, though I haven’t run any different ones yet on this car to compare them to. Considering the high price, though, I won’t be buying them again.


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